Figs and raw ham – the recipe from Cuoche ma buon

Figs and raw ham, to be served for an aperitif or a fresh and quick starter, perfect to bring to the table during the summer season. Quick and genuine appetizers at the same time, a winning combination that we have made even more delicious with the addition of fresh basil leaves, with an absolutely particular flavour. Figs and raw ham are a particular finger food in which the sweetness of the figs is enclosed in soft slices of ham, to be served between friends or for last minute guests. We recommend pairing them with a good glass of wine and a tasty hot focaccia cut into squares. The good final result of the dish is linked to the quality of the ingredients used: whether the figs are white or black does not matter, but it is essential that they are sweet and ripe so that their flavor contrasts with the flavor of the ham. Few ingredients but good! If you liked this recipe, we recommend you also try the bruschetta with figs, speck and robiola.


Scope appetizer, aperitif
Kitchen Italian, Mediterranean
  • 3 figs white or black
  • 6 slices of raw ham San Daniele
  • 12 fresh basil leaves
  • balsamic vinegar to taste optional
  • Wash the figs delicately, taking care not to press them with your fingers. Dry them carefully with kitchen paper, avoiding breaking them.

  • Divide the fruits into 4 parts, without removing the peel.

  • Cut the slices of raw ham in two (long side) and roll them around the various pieces of fruit, inserting a previously washed fresh basil leaf in the centre. Complete, if you like, with drops of balsamic vinegar.

  • Serve them together with breadsticks or a soft, warm focaccia cut into squares.
Do not prepare the dish in advance, as the final result could be compromised. The ideal is to serve it immediately after preparing it.
The dish can be further enriched by adding pieces of spicy cheese.


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