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Fish and Chips, or fried fish and chips. A treat to indulge in with company, even for an informal dinner. A substantial, tasty and simple single dish that few can resist.
The original English fish and chips recipe can be prepared with different types of fish, usually white fish. The fish is cleaned and then dipped in a batter with only water and flour, or breaded and accompanied with French fries as a side dish.
We, however, preferred Italian street food, a mixed fried fish accompanied with chips, with an unmistakable aroma and a riot of flavours.
The classic recipe involves the use of cod, calamari, octopus, shrimp, anchovies and red mullet. According to your tastes, you can alternate and choose the varieties. As for the prawns, do not shell them, they will be fried whole. Also buy the squid whole and then make the classic rings.
A simple and quick seafood dish that everyone can agree on, even in the summer months despite the heat, provided however that it is cooked perfectly, crunchy, dry and golden to perfection.
And if you want to exaggerate, instead of the classic green salad as a side dish, dare with some french fries cut into rounds or sticks. French fries are almost a magical dish that conquers everyone with their simplicity!
Get some advice, fish and chips know no seasons. Fried fish and potatoes are always good and loved by everyone, young and old!
At the end of the meal, to conclude the dinner, serve a fresh dessert such as a sorbet or lemon granita.


Scope starter, aperitif, main course, main course
Kitchen Italian, Mediterranean
  • 500 g little fish cod, baby octopus, shrimp
  • 1 kg squid whole
  • 4 medium potatoes of old harvest

It will also serve you

  • durum wheat semolina flour to taste
  • peanut seed oil to taste

For perfect, crunchy, dry, golden and light frying

  • Use excellent quality fresh fish. Wash and dry it very well.As for squid and baby octopus, remove the black pouch, the eyes, the beak, the tentacles and the internal cartilage. Finally, they must be peeled and cut into rounds. If they are very small you can leave them whole.
  • Bread the fish with durum wheat flour: just dip them in the semolina for a few seconds before frying them. Eliminate the excess flour by passing them through a colander or a narrow mesh strainer, in this way the flour will not have time to moisten, without risking having a less crunchy breading. For gluten-free fried foods, you can use rice flour or chickpea flour.

  • Use a large pan with high sides, so that the fish “swim” in the oil. Use plenty of peanut oil, this way the frying will remain light and crunchy. The right temperature is between 175-180°C. To avoid burning the fish it is important not to exceed 180°C. Cook the fish one type at a time and above all little by little, this way you will not risk lowering the temperature and you will obtain more even cooking.

  • Do not turn continuously while frying, wait until one side browns. Cooking times are very fast, about 2-3 minutes.

  • As soon as it is removed from the oil, place the fish on a sheet of absorbent paper or even better on a sheet of brown paper commonly used by greengrocers. Add a pinch of salt only at the end of cooking, before serving the dish, in this way you will obtain a fish that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Serve it with a few wedges of lemon.

The choice of potatoes

  • To get the perfect French fries it is important to choose the variety carefully. The most suitable are those of old harvest with yellow pulp or those with red skin, because they are low in starch, less watery and more compact.

  • Peel the potatoes and cut them into slices or sticks. Place them in a bowl and cover with fresh water. Rinse them several times to eliminate the water that tends to become cloudy. This phase is important to eliminate the starch, and prevent the chips from sticking during cooking and to make them crunchy.

  • Leave them to soak for at least an hour, taking care to change the water more often.

  • Drain the potatoes from the water, place them on a clean cloth and dry them carefully.

  • Proceed with the frying: pour plenty of peanut oil into a large pan or frying pan with high sides. Fry when the temperature reaches 180°C. Allow about 8-10 minutes of cooking. If you don't have a kitchen thermometer, try with a chip: if it rises to the surface in about 25 seconds covered in bubbles, the temperature is correct. Turn them every now and then with the help of a slotted spoon.

  • Once the necessary time has elapsed, drain the chips and let them drain on a sheet of absorbent paper. They will be dry, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

  • Salt just before serving.


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