Tempura without eggs – the recipe from Cooks but good

Japanese tempura is the secret to light fried food, the most suitable for delicate foods such as prawns and vegetables. Our super quick preparation is the Italian version of tempura, it does not involve the use of yeast or eggs, but the use of two different types of flour in order to obtain light, dry and equally crunchy fried food. One is rice flour which does not contain gluten and does not tend to bind with water and the other is double zero flour which instead serves to obtain a bit of consistency. To make a perfect tempura you will have to use all cold ingredients from the fridge, especially sparkling water, which with its bubbles will help develop the crunchiness. Therefore, you will only need three well-measured ingredients to obtain the right consistency. Once made, it should rest for 20-30 minutes in the fridge, but if you are in a hurry you can proceed without any waiting.
Furthermore, to obtain a more enveloping batter, you can reduce the amount of water, depending on what you are frying. On the contrary, if you prefer it crunchier and more fluid, you will have to add it. To understand the right consistency, we recommend dipping a vegetable stick and following our step-by-step recipe for egg-free tempura.


Scope appetizer, aperitif

For the batter

  • 100 g farina 00
  • 100 g rice flour
  • 300 ml sparkling water frozen

It will also serve you

  • 500 g shrimp cold from the fridge
  • 100 g carrots cold from the fridge
  • 100 g zuchinis cold from the fridge
  • 100 g eggplant cold from the fridge
  • sage leaves to taste cold from the fridge
  • ice cubes to taste

For frying

  • peanut seed oil to taste
  • First of all, make sure that the ingredients for the batter are very cold then keep the water in the freezer until you need to use it (check that it doesn't freeze).

  • Prepare the prawns: delicately remove the head, legs and carapace, leaving only the tail attached, then with the help of a toothpick, remove the black filament found on the back.

  • Prepare the vegetables: trim the courgettes, cut them into rounds or divide them in half. If you prefer to cut them into sticks, cut them into slices a few millimeters thick. Proceed in the same way with the carrots and aubergines. The sage leaves should only be washed and dried.

Prepare the batter

  • Pour the 00 flour and the rice flour into a bowl, mix and transfer the bowl to a larger container that you have filled with ice cubes. Add the iced sparkling water and mix the ingredients. Mix very briefly with a whisk or fork: you should not obtain a smooth batter, but a lumpy and enveloping one. The lumps will help make the batter crispier.

  • Pour the seed oil into a wok or high-sided pan and bring it to a temperature of 170°-180°C. You can check the temperature by dropping a drop of batter into the oil: if it drops halfway and then immediately comes to the surface, it means that the oil is ready for frying.

  • Dip the prawns in the batter, letting the excess slip off, then dip them little by little (so as not to lower the temperature too much) into the boiling oil and fry both sides for 1-2 minutes. The batter should not color during frying but should still be white.

  • As they are ready, remove the prawns from the oil and transfer them to absorbent paper.

  • Also cover the vegetables with batter: dip a vegetable stick into the batter and let it drain. It should drip off but leave no parts exposed. If you prefer it lighter and less opaque, add a little cold sparkling water.

  • Fry the courgettes and aubergines first, then the carrots and finally the sage, always taking care not to add too many pieces at a time to prevent the oil temperature from lowering. Then drain on absorbent paper.

  • Tempura should be served hot with the addition of a little salt, or accompanied with sweet and sour sauce or tzatziki sauce.
You can enrich your vegetables with red onions cut into thin slices or potatoes also cut very finely.
Sparkling water can be replaced by beer or sparkling wine.


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