Chicken roulade with artichokes

Chicken roulade is a simple and delicious second course, perfect for special occasions or holidays but equally valid for everyday lunches and dinners. For the filling you can use different ingredients according to your tastes. With this recipe we created mini rolls flavored with a mixture of spices and stuffed with artichokes and cooked ham. For a soft, tasty and juicy roast chicken when cooked, we have chosen to use boned chicken thighs, which will make our mini chicken rolls flavored with rosemary tender. A tasty and inviting idea that will appeal to adults and children alike.
They are very simple to make, like the rolls: first they must be stuffed and then closed with kitchen twine. Subsequently, they are cooked in the oven and accompanied by a good side dish of baked potatoes. Chicken roulade with artichokes is a simple second course capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates thanks to its tasty delicacy, enhanced by the artichokes. This dish, not only delicious but also convenient and accessible to everyone, can be prepared in advance and cooked just before serving.


Kitchen Italian, Mediterranean
Total time 1 not 20 minutes
  • 4 boneless chicken thighs medium size
  • 4 artichokes
  • 4 slices of cooked ham
  • 4 rosemary sprigs
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • parsley to taste
  • sale q.b.
  • pepe q.b.
  • mix of aromatic herbs for roasts to taste
  • 50 ml White wine to blend
  • kitchen twine

  • baking paper

  • meat tenderizer

  • Place the chicken thighs open on the work surface and cover them with baking paper, then beat them lightly with a meat tenderizer: this way you will obtain thinner slices and you will break the fibers making the meat very soft.

  • Salt the slices with the mixture of aromatic herbs on both sides, leave them aside and let them rest.

  • In the meantime, take care of the artichokes: clean them from the hardest external leaves, remove the thorns and cut out the heart with a knife. Cut them in half and remove the central beard. Gradually, immerse them in a bowl with water and lemon juice to prevent them from blackening.

  • Cut the artichokes thinly and sauté them in a large pan with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and the chopped garlic clove. Let it brown, just long enough to soften the artichokes. They should remain nice and crunchy.

  • A few minutes before turning off the heat, lightly salt and pepper and add the chopped parsley.

  • At this point, you can stuff your mini chicken rolls: position each thigh perpendicular to yourself, from the shortest side.

  • Place a slice of ham on top of each thigh and then the artichokes, evenly distributed.

  • Roll up each slice, creating a full-bodied roll.

  • Tie with kitchen string starting from one end, place a sprig of rosemary on top and continue to go around the roll with the string until the other end is also closed. Don't worry if they aren't perfect, the important thing is that they are well closed.

  • The chicken rolls are ready! Place them on a baking tray, sprinkle a little more roasting spices, drizzle with a drizzle of oil and bake in a preheated oven at 200°C in fan mode on the middle level for about 50 minutes.

  • Brown all sides, turning them halfway through cooking. Every now and then, add a little wine to avoid drying out the meat during cooking.

  • At the end of cooking, let them rest for 10 minutes, serve them whole (taking care to cut the string first) or in slices, accompanying them with the cooking sauce and some baked potatoes.

If you prefer a more delicious version, you can add slices of stringy cheese, also varying the type of cured meat or vegetables. If, however, you want a lighter version, then you can choose the aromatic herbs you like most. Simply prepare a mixture of fresh aromatic herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, garlic, ginger) flavored with a teaspoon of salt.
Chicken roulade is a second course that can be prepared both in the oven and in a casserole.


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