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Pomegranate and orange juice


A healthy pomegranate and orange juice generates tone and vitality, being a true concentrate of antioxidant benefits for our health but also sweet and tasty. Perfect in the morning for breakfast or in the afternoon as a snack. If you want to start the day on the right foot, start the morning with something sweet but not too sweet, replacing refined sugars with cereals or biscuits that have a high fiber content such as organic almond biscuits from the I Naturali Dolce Giorno line, made with ancient grains according to ancient recipes.
The taste of pomegranate goes very well with that of citrus fruits, thanks to its sweet flavor which is also very popular with children. In addition to being very good, it also benefits the immune system and allows you to better deal with the cold and sudden changes in temperature. A healthy breakfast is good for your mood, your health and your diet, because eating well as soon as you wake up helps you start in the best possible way.
And if you're in a rush in the morning, prepare your breakfast the night before and vary your choices: combine your pomegranate and orange juice with eggless pancakes with wholemeal flour, healthy, quick and fat-free!


  • Place the pomegranate on the cutting board and cut off the top cap. Then, make two vertical cuts to divide it into four segments so it will be very simple to open it and remove the grains with your fingers. Remember to wash the cutting board immediately to prevent it from getting stained.

  • The easiest way to prepare pomegranate juice is to use a juicer. Divide it into two parts as if it were an orange and the juice will flow into the container, while the grains and seeds will remain separated from the liquid.

  • Cut the orange in half and extract the juice with the citrus juicer. So in just a few minutes you can sip excellent pomegranate and orange juice.

As an alternative to the citrus juicer you can use a centrifuge or extractor

  • If you have a centrifuge or a juice extractor everything will be even simpler. They are kitchen machines that allow you to obtain the best juice extraction. All you have to do is open and shell the pomegranate as indicated previously, then pour it into the jug of the centrifuge or extractor and follow the operating instructions indicated. As for the orange, before centrifuging it you will have to remove the peel.

A trick to avoid staining the tablecloth is to immerse the cut pomegranate in a bowl of water and remove the seeds with your fingers. Once finished, you can drain the grains and they will be ready to be eaten.
Try putting pomegranate seeds in the salad (without vinegar or lemon because they are already acidic) to give that extra touch, or, considering the high juice content you can use it to create an excellent pomegranate sauce to season meat or the fish.
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