Crispy breading

If you love crunchy breadings or as we call them breadings, this is the idea for you! It is not necessarily necessary to use stale bread, the alternatives to traditional bread are endless. To make a truly delicious homemade breading, we suggest using breadsticks and rusks, and if you use organic Russello rusks from “I Fornai Siciliani”, the breading you will obtain will be truly special! Once your food is breaded, you can cook it either in the oven or in a pan.
And if for some reason you don't want or can't eat eggs, you will still get a nice crunchy crust in 2 ways: moistening the meat or fish in “Lo Castro” organic extra virgin olive oil, passing them in breadcrumbs and perhaps flavoring them with aromatic herbs fresh; or, enriching the breading with grated cheese or dried fruit such as almonds and pistachios.
However, pay attention to the freshness of the breadsticks you use: if they are too old, they lose their fragrance and the breading will not become crunchy.
Don't bread the food too much in advance, otherwise the breadsticks tend to get moist and the crunchiness would be compromised. If you happen to make this mistake, pass the food through the breadsticks again before cooking it. A quick and easy recipe within everyone's reach!


Portions 450 grams of breading
  • 300 g wholemeal breadsticks
  • 150 g Russello organic rusks The Sicilian Bakers
  • With the help of a food processor, crush the breadsticks together with the biscuits, not too finely, until you obtain a homogeneous breading.

  • Flavor it with fresh aromatic herbs or, if you like, with grated cheese or dried fruit to taste. At this point, if you want to use it immediately, transfer it to a tray, or store it in an airtight container.

  • Before breading, massage your food in a little extra virgin olive oil, and season with a pinch of salt and pepper.

  • Then, sprinkle each slice with breadcrumbs, pass it on each side and apply light pressure, so that the breading adheres. Cook in a pan or in the oven until the cooking is to your liking and the breading is golden brown.

If you prefer to use the pan instead of the oven, use a moderate flame when cooking.
This recipe does not require standard weights, decrease or increase the doses of the ingredients according to your tastes.


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