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Homemade condensed milk


For those who don't know, condensed milk is a sweet cream obtained from the processing of milk which, after being boiled with sugar, is deprived of the watery part, thus remaining dense and creamy. It can be used in various ways: in coffee, for creams and fillings, for ice creams and desserts. Its creamy consistency is obtained quite quickly and preparing it at home is really simple. Two simple ingredients are enough, although on the web you can also find recipes that include the addition of starch and butter. Our homemade condensed milk recipe requires only milk and icing sugar which, thanks to its starch content, will thicken the mixture in a short time. We will explain how to make condensed milk, you try it for your ice creams, desserts and fillings: you will not be disappointed.


  • 1 l whole milk
  • 360 g powdered sugar
  • Pour the milk and sugar into a non-stick saucepan with a thick bottom and high sides. Stir a little to help the sugar dissolve. Turn on high heat and bring to the boil. Let it boil for a few seconds.

  • Finally, adjust the heat to medium-high and continue cooking for about 35-40 minutes, stirring often with a whisk to prevent it from sticking or burning. Take care that the milk does not spill out during boiling. The aim is to evaporate the water, thicken the milk and reduce it compared to the initial volume. You will see that it will change consistency and start to become a little creamy.

  • To understand if the consistency is the right one, before starting, place a saucer in the freezer and check from time to time by pouring a drop of condensed milk onto the saucer. Wait a few seconds and slide: if it slides slowly it is ready. Bear in mind that as it cools it will solidify a little more.

  • When you have obtained the right density and the right amber color, turn off the heat and transfer the condensed milk into a jar. Close with the lid and leave to cool, then place in the fridge.

Don't cook it for longer, because you risk burning it and it would become very hard after cooling.
You can replace the icing sugar with granulated sugar, in this case however you will have to add 40 g of corn starch to the ingredients.
You can store it immediately in the fridge for about 3 weeks, or, as soon as cooking is finished, pour it into a glass jar, close it and let it cool upside down as you do for preserves. In this way you will create a natural vacuum and you can store it in a dark and cool environment for about 1 year.
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