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Baked peaches for breakfast


A light but tasty breakfast? Here it is: baked peaches, natural yogurt, a cup of green tea… and what more could you want?! Upon returning from holidays I need to lighten my diet but breakfast, especially on Sundays, always remains an important meal to which I dedicate time and attention. So, while leafing through this book by Gordon Ramsay, I extracted this simple recipe, modifying the splash of liqueur with apple juice. What to say? Delicious, fragrant and rewarding, in short, perfect for starting the day and continuing with good food resolutions.

And what did you have for breakfast this morning?

Have a good start to the week, see you soon

Baked peaches with vanilla, cinnamon and honey

( for 2 people)
2 firm peaches
6 pieces of cinnamon
1 vanilla pod
2 teaspoons of acacia honey
1 shot glass of apple juice
yogurt naturale

Wash the peaches, dry them and cut them into wedges. Distribute them on a baking tray and add the spices, sprinkling with the apple juice. Finish by distributing the honey over the segments. Bake at 180° for 15/20 minutes. Distribute the segments into two cups and add a generous spoonful of natural yogurt.

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