Brioche to share | Homemade pie

I haven't put up the Christmas tree yet and I'm thinking about not doing it, to tell the truth.
I wasn't able to prepare it on the right day, the one I usually dedicate to this ritual, and I feel as if I had missed the train, as if when I arrived on the tracks I saw it leaving. A mix of anxiety, anger, melancholy.
But I did one brioche to share – to sharewhich could keep us company on Christmas morning and restore some peace to this crazy head I find myself 😉

The approaching holidays fill me with anxieties which are added to a lot of energy that comes from a small personal success, not a bad mix. These are days in which the feeling of invincibility (so rare in me) and the melancholy that Christmas, more than other holidays, brings out alternate. In short, a carousel of sensations and moods in which to dive and resurface, take a breath and then sink into it again.

In all this mess the fixed points are there: the kitchen, the breakfast and, of course, the whole family; to put them all together, this brioche took shape, to be shared because it is already sliced ​​and easy to distribute among the people we love.

Let's talk about the recipe: first of all I invite you to take a look at my stories on Instagramwhere I posted all the steps, for a few more hours everything is documented so you can't make mistakes 🙂
The source of this brioche is the author of Recipes & Events, Laura, who last year published the recipe accompanied by evocative and delicate photographs as only she can do. I waited until December to try to get as close as possible to her result, because even the time of year when you prepare a dish is important, don't you think?! This is clearly a Christmas brioche: maybe it's the name, maybe it's the variegation, maybe it's that Laura introduced me to it in December and for me it had to be tried in December.
It's really good and, despite some small difficulty in inserting the slices into the mold, also easy to make if you handle the leavened products every now and then.

While I was eating a slice this morning I thought that I have to put up the Christmas tree, overcoming this laziness and my mental rigidity. I missed a train but there's always the next one, right?!

Brioche to share

For the brioche dough:

420 g of organic 00 flour
6 g of brewer's yeast
50 g of brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon whole salt
2 eggs
110 ml of warm whole milk
40 ml of warm water
60 g of soft butter

For the stuffing:

a knob of melted butter
50 g of brown sugar
15 g of bitter cocoa powder
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Dissolve the yeast in the water and milk, set aside.
Add the flour, sugar and previously dissolved yeast into the bowl of the mixer and start the machine.
When all the ingredients have blended together, add the lightly beaten eggs one at a time until a compact and smooth paste is formed, at this point add the soft butter in several batches until an elastic and slightly sticky dough is formed.
On a floured pastry board, fold the dough (like a book or with three folds) until it increases its consistency.
Grease the bottom of a bowl with a little oil. Cover and let rise for 3 hours at room temperature.
Once the leavening time has passed, deflate the dough on a pastry board and roll it out into a rectangle approximately 50 cm long and 30 cm wide.
Brush the surface of the brioche with melted butter and sprinkle it with all the other filling ingredients combined together.
Using a pasta cutter, divide the rectangle into 5 10cm wide strips. Gently stack the strips on top of each other, using the pastry cutter, and cut into 6 squares.
Arrange the squares, standing up, in the mold lined with baking paper, in a “herringbone” pattern. Cover the mold and leave to rise until doubled in size in the oven with the light on (about 1 hour and a half).
Preheat the oven to 180°C and cook for 30 minutes. Let the brioche cool before cutting it.


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