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Cauliflower blinis with salmon


Over the last few months I've been realizing how much time and dedication I put into this space. I remain stupid by the consistency with which I continue to publish, by the subtle pleasure of trying recipes, by searching for the stories of the dishes.
And, after eight years in which we have seen a lot, I had and still have the desire to continue writing, cooking and photographing exactly like at the beginning. When I feel time slipping through my fingers and I have to choose what to focus on I always try not to leave the blog until last because he played an important role in my life and gave me so much in so many different ways.
It introduced me to people who later became important in my daily life, it gave me a new job to add to the others, yet another plan B that makes me feel safe, it also has a non-negligible function: it brings my state into balance emotional even when everything is messed up, writing here for now works better than any therapy 😉
All this to say that I am very proud of this continuity, so much so that I want to continue experimenting and cooking, cooking, cooking and photographing, photographing and photographing…

These cauliflower blinis, improvised or almost, were unexpectedly popular. I wouldn't have bet a euro on it and yet they surpassed it try family very easily. Thanks to the goat cheese in the dough which gives it “that little taste” and then the sour cream with the salmon which does a lot internescional but it remains an unbeatable combination (if you add chives mmmmmh).
Ridiculous preparation time if you have leftover cauliflower, damn you 🙂
Do you have guests for dinner this weekend?! Try them and present them as French canapés, decidedly chic. And the smell of cabbage will not invade the kitchen, I swear!

Cauliflower blinis with salmon and sour cream

150 g of steamed cauliflower
50 g of fresh goat's cheese
1 egg
10 g of corn starch
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons chopped parsley
smoked salmon to taste
Acid panna qb
black pepper to taste

(doses for 2-3 people) Place the cauliflower cut into pieces, the goat's cheese, the starch, the lightly beaten egg, the parsley and the oil in a mixer. Mix until you obtain a rather thick cream.

Heat a pan and grease it lightly. Pour the mixture in spoonfuls, about 3 per blini, leave to cook for a couple of minutes then, using a spatula, turn the pancake and finish cooking. The blinis will be quite delicate, try not to break them with the spatula. Once cooked, transfer them to a plate.

Garnish each pancake with a teaspoon of sour cream, a piece of smoked salmon, a twist of fresh pepper and chopped parsley. Serve warm or at room temperature.

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