Chickpea and asparagus hummus

An embarrassing May.
The weather has never been so short-sighted as this month, just when the energies of many colleagues and friends are set in motion to create wonderfully beautiful events.
Fifteen days ago I was under the storm that hit the ship of the Novara colony, while with the crew of Matryoshka we saved all the “guests”, a real Titanic but with a happy ending.
Last Friday, however, I was in Faenza to experience that wonder as a guest District A organize for the whole weekend in the heart of the city. Here too the weather spared the evening, to everyone's joy, but it did not spare Saturday. However, this did not prevent the activities from taking place, because for every problem there is a solution and, above all, there is the work of so many people that there is no shortage of energy to find them.
So, dear May who looks like November, there is no tripe for cats you can raise hell but you won't defeat us!

This chickpea and asparagus hummus it's the most interesting and simple thing to prepare that came before my eyes last week. There's no shortage of asparagus at the moment and I immediately liked the idea of ​​flavoring the chickpea and tahini cream with it. Compared to the one seen on Coop magazine, which inspired me, I changed some doses. The result is a rather delicate hummus but with the classic sesame paste and lemon flavor that I love.
I put it on the table with del leftover carasau bread from a photographic set that I had seasoned and toasted in the oven and that turned out to be perfect. If you also accompany it with a nice rich salad, one made with carrots, olives, cherry tomatoes and capers, as we did, it will be a complete, light and satiating meal.

Chickpea and asparagus hummus

200 g of already boiled chickpeas
10 medium asparagus
2 tablespoons dark tahini
50 g of extra virgin olive oil
1 lemon

Boil the asparagus in lightly salted water, once cooked, drain and cool in water and ice.
Place the chickpeas, chopped asparagus, oil and lemon juice into the blender glass. Blend until creamy, add more oil if necessary.
Taste and season with salt and pepper. Serve with plenty of carasau bread or simple toasted bread.


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