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Christmas breakfast, as per tradition


It's now tradition, before Natale I like to leave suggestions on these pages for breakfasts that will accompany you during the holidays. Among the many (too many?!) desserts prepared I chose a collection that could suit everyone.
We start with some simple offer honeyfilled with peach jam but you can choose the one you like best.
We then move on to a fairly complex but very scenographic leavened product like the two-coloured Panbrioche. Perfect for Christmas breakfast, delicious just warmed up in the toaster, it's already festive on its own but a veil of hazelnut cream is the death of it.
A cake couldn't be missing, simple but with a little punch given by the coffee hazelnut cake and coffee which represents me a little. And I can't forget the acacia honey croissanta discovery made just over a month ago and already replicated, because they are really delicious!
A proposal for vegans, prepared following the recipe of my friend Federica i pancake which are also porridge could also be suitable for those who are not vegan, the important thing is to replace the strawberries with bananas or apples just sautéed with brown sugar and that's it.
Finally, the dessert that was incredibly successful last year: the speckled breadfor those who want something that lasts for several days without losing quality!

At this point I can only wish you a Merry Christmas, I do it with a nursery rhyme Gianni Rodari which always brings a smile full of sweetness.

I Nidi

Who lives on the fir tree
Between the gifts and the comets?
There's a Santa Claus as tall as a thimble.
There are the seven dwarfs, the Indians, the Martians.
Even Mignolino made his nest there.
There's room for everyone,
there is a light for everyone and lots of peace for those who want it,
for those who know that peace warms even more than the sun.

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