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Christmas breakfast ideas


  1. Honey croissants
  2. Welsh Cakes
  3. Ricotta bread and caramelized figs
  4. Chestnut and squash flour blinis
  5. Madeleines with cocoa
  6. Water brioches
  7. Coconut roll without cooking
  8. American Breakfast
  9. Cream and chocolate brioches

Before leaving this space to spend the well-deserved holidays, and I assure you that I deserved them all, before saying goodbye and exchanging good wishes I thought I would leave here a small collection of recipes for the Christmas breakfast. Two days left and all the recipes are absolutely replicable.

From sweet to savory, from the traditional brioche to the intense experience of the American breakfast, from slow and soft leavened products to sweets to cook on the griddle on the fly, in short, I thought that for breakfast perhaps you haven't yet decided what to orient yourself on and so here my suggestions!

I wish everyone a great time Natale in the company of the people you love and to end the year in the best way to open up to a 2014 wonderful and full of hope. Best wishes to everyone!!!

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