Classic marble cake

I don't know if it just happens to me or if it's a common thing, I've never looked into it.
When I go through a crisis in life I find myself… want to cook classic dishesjust the ones you see and think: I have to rely on the basics.
I produce fresh pasta. My roots, the rhythmic gestures, the certainty of the result. In desserts however I am less constant but the circle tightens around the sideboard sweets.
The desserts that were prepared in homes until about twenty years ago did not have colored icing, much less fresh flowers to decorate them or were filled with rich, buttery creams. Those that were also made for occasions were donuts or tarts, for birthday parties at most there was fruit on top with custard between the layers.
But the cupboard cake par excellence for me is that classic marbledwhich draws all its charm from the pattern that is created between the two doughs, between the “white” bite with the vanilla flavor and the completely “black” one with the bitter note of cocoa.

Last week I prepared this dessert, soft and moist, it served to give some relief to me and the people I love. Just a moment to breathe before returning to reality, but a marble cake can do little magic and lift the spirit. For the recipe I relied on Gabilasafe havens are needed even when preparing classic desserts.

Classic marble cake

(for a 25cm mould)
290 g of 0 flour
5 large eggs at room temperature
200 g of whole cane sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
40 g of icing sugar
200 g of soft butter
125 g of milk at room temperature
25 g of bitter cocoa powder
10 g of baking powder for desserts
1 pinch of salt

In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat the butter with the brown sugar, the spoonful of vanilla extract and the salt until the mixture becomes swollen and fluffy, reduce the speed and add the eggs (one egg at a time), then the sifted flour together. to the yeast and finally 100 g of milk. Weigh 1/3 of the dough and incorporate the sifted cocoa powder, milk and icing sugar. Butter and flour a 25cm long mold or line it with baking paper as I have shown here, pour the light mixture onto the bottom alternating with the chocolate mixture. With a fork try to create a pattern and bake at 180° C (static oven) for about 50 minutes, checking the cooking with the usual wooden toothpick. Let cool before cutting the slices.


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