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Corn muffins and dried strawberries


I like to prepare desserts for breakfast, the slightly rustic and ugly ones. Maybe even light, which never hurts… And so on Saturday afternoon, when the sun had already set, I quickly decided. Want muffins but those with little yeast, actually single-portion cakes that only have the shape of muffins, so it's easier to realize how many you eat. It's inside? Raisins or apples? None of the two. But strawberries bought in Rome a thousand thousand months ago and not yet used… (among other things, I was in the company of two dear friends Sabina and Patrizia when I bought them!). And given the low quantity of sugar I also added a few drops of chocolate which never hurts. In 20 minutes they were already in the oven and 25 minutes later they were on the rack to cool. In short, a breakfast dessert made “by eye” and following your desires and your pantry!

And yesterday morning I recovered the cupcakes left after breakfast, I posed them on the table that my super dad made for me by recovering the planks of an old barrel and despite the terrible light I immortalized them 🙂 To photograph them I placed them “improperly” inside some candle holder which come straight from the Ramina laboratory which is churning out these days, that's really the right word for them too, many small Christmas themed objects, with that special touch that only Sara and Laura can give to clay.

We'll read it again this week 🙂

Corn and strawberry muffins (for 10 sweets)

  • 160 g of 00 flour
  • 80 g of coarse grain corn flour
  • 100 g of dried strawberries
  • 3 tablespoons chocolate chips
  • 125 g of natural plain yogurt
  • 5 tablespoons of milk
  • 60 g of butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 60 g of cane sugar (Demerara)
  • 8 g of baking powder
  • sale q.b.

Soak the dried strawberries in warm water. Sift the flours, yeast into a bowl and add the sugar and a pinch of salt. Melt the butter (I used it in the microwave or in a bain-marie) and in another bowl mix the eggs, the yogurt, the previously melted butter and the milk.

Drain the strawberries from the soaking water, pat them dry and cut them into small pieces. Add the strawberries to the flour so that the pieces are covered in flour (this way they will not fall to the bottom of the cake). Combine the egg mixture with the flours and add the chocolate chips. Mix briefly, the mixture should remain lumpy and distribute it into the cups (I put the paper cups inside a muffin mould, the silicone ones). Bake at 200° for the first 2/3 minutes and then lower to 180° for the remaining 20.

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