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Fennel and salmon salad with pomegranate vinaigrette and sesame oil


I already told you about it Who that salmon was an entry into the Christmas menu by my maternal grandmother. I'm talking about the nineties, and for the time it was a “disruption” of the family cuisine, but if it was the grandmother who did it, she was allowed everything and more. And since then salmon has been one of the products that is not missing on the holiday table, a pink touch between ragù and roast meat 😉

In this blog the smoked salmon it never appeared as an ingredient, a snobbery that I have indulged in until today and which you will forgive me, I hope. I don't buy it often because it's usually difficult to find it good, there are just a couple of places where I buy it and where it's never too salty or excessively smoked. In short, it's not easy (and not even cheap, let's face it!) but it can't be missing for Christmas… now it's part of the tradition too and it's our “foreigner” at the table.

So here is a different way of presenting it, no longer the classic canapé with butter, but a fennel and spinach salad flavored with a squeeze of pomegranate and sesame oil.
A bold and decidedly tasty proposal that I chose thinking about the collaboration with the company Zucchi1810.

A recipe for Christmas lunch, finally I too leave you a proposal for the holidays, and why not, also for after the holidays. This salad could very well become a main dish if you double the doses 🙂

Fennel and salmon salad with pomegranate vinaigrette and Zucchi sesame seed oil

For 4 people:
2 fennels
100 g of spinach
2 pomegranates
4 tablespoons Zucchi sesame seed oil
½ lemon
Sea salt
200 g of sliced ​​smoked salmon

Wash and drain the fennel and spinach.
Shell the pomegranates and keep aside 5-6 tablespoons of seeds, place the others in a potato masher and press to recover the juice in a bowl to which you will add the sesame seed oil, the lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt . Using a fork, mix vigorously until the salt has completely dissolved.
Thinly slice the fennel using a mandolin or, more simply, with a sharp knife.
Assemble the dish by first distributing the fennel, then the salmon slices and finally the spinach leaves. Decorate with the pomegranate seeds kept aside, season with the pomegranate citronette and sesame oil and serve.

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