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I Batiman said to Alice


Traditional family recipes are a small craze.
I read “family recipes” and I can't resist, I want to go, I want to see it or, better yet, taste it. I think that, if a recipe has entered the history of a family enough to pass from hand to handthen it must have something unique and special that deserves attention.

And so I arrived at this simple preparation, i batiman, Alice's heart recipe. They are small focaccias made from corn flour that are transformed into crunchy shells to be filled with anything we like. Reading the lines that accompany the recipe I thought that these batiman are the equivalent of piadina for us Romagna people: something quick to prepare that finds its origins in a context of food poverty. The main ingredient, if not the only one, is corn flour, which has always been the main product of northern Italian cuisine. Alice's Ligurian origin does not deny this reflection and the possibility of paying homage to this recipe that her grandmother prepared for her in a short time involved me so much that I wanted to taste it.

A tribute to traditional cuisine, simple and special at the same time. Fill these little yellow-like-gold focaccias with whatever you like, cured meats are certainly worthy accompaniments which are enhanced by the delicate flavor and thick grain of this poor bread. The ease of execution once you have guessed the consistency can be addictive, as long as you love the unmistakable flavor of corn flour 🙂



200 g of foil type corn flour
40 g of type 0 flour
1 tablespoon of olive oil
water to taste
sale q.b.

(For 5 scones)
In a large bowl, mix the corn flour with the 0 flour, the extra virgin olive oil, the salt and add the water little by little until you have a consistent and malleable dough. If necessary, use more flour to make it less sticky.
With your hands, prepare small balls the size of meatballs, crush them lightly between your hands and place them on a previously heated and lightly greased cast iron griddle.
Let the focaccias cook, turning them occasionally, they should toast a little.
Once cooked, cut them in half and fill them with cured meats or tasty cheeses.

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