Mortadella foam (that pink that never tires)

Think Pink.
Lately it seems to have become my motto. And I also believe it works.
The little experience I have accumulated in forty years tells me that seeing the glass half empty is never a good solution, especially towards oneself. If you don't believe it first, others certainly won't believe it.
As always, what influences this positive vision (primarily my mood) is the season. After spring, which is my TRUE middle season more than autumn, a pink descent begins which culminates in the August holidays. By now I know myself, I just have to “get rid of” the spring and then… afterwards it's always pink, luckily.

After using a bit of mortadella for the millefeuille recipe, I used the scraps to prepare a classic and very simple recipe to serve as an appetizer: the Mortadella Foam o mortadella mousse.
The consistency in this case is particularly silky since I used spreadable cheese instead of cow's milk ricotta as per the registered recipe. The choice is yours, actually try them both and play spot the differences. The fact remains that this is also a proposal that is well suited to the summer, no stove on, except for toasting bread and, since I was there, I grilled a little more and in the evening we had dinner with crostini, sautéed vegetables, mortadella foam and some pickles. For me a dinner fit for a king!

Mortadella foam (for 6 canapés)

125 g of Bologna PGI mortadella
1 tablespoon of liquid cream
50 g of ricotta or spreadable cheese
1 tablespoon of 12 month Parmigiano Reggiano
chopped pistachios to taste

Take a mixer and blend the mortadella, adding the spreadable cheese and parmesan, mix until you obtain a smooth, non-lumpy mixture. Add the cream and blend everything to obtain a smooth and frothy mixture.
Place the foam in a piping bag with a star-shaped mouth and fill 6 canapés with previously toasted wholemeal bread. Spread a little chopped pistachio over each crouton


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