Muffins with date syrup, chocolate and apple

I hate leftovers.
A pound of rice flour here, thirty grams of sesame oil there, a handful of dried blueberries and ten raspberries in the freezer. Preparing and photographing recipes for work involves buying leftover ingredients, which you plan to dispose of a little at a time but which, when you start cooking for yourself, you don't feel like using because the only thing you dream of is a simple cocoa cake. At the same time, however, the feelings of guilt begin, because in the pantry together with the great classics (0 flour, spelled flour, sugar, eggs, etc.) there are jars and jars that cost an arm and a leg.

This is how he entered the house date syrup, also known as silan or date honey. Purchased for recipes to be photographed urgently, it remained there for weeks. Date concentrate is a natural sweetener of oriental origin, it is obtained by boiling dates in water and then squeezing them in a cloth, a syrup is obtained that recalls the consistency of honey.
Se go prepare it at home you can find the procedure at Benedetta's (maybe we'll recover this recipe for Christmas when dates appear on holiday tables and among gourmet gifts) otherwise, like me, you can buy it in organic food shops. A jar costs the same as acacia honey but I can't deny that it was fun to prepare both sweet and savory dishes with it.

For me, for the breakfasts that I like to make so much, I made these muffins with lots of chocolate chips immersed in a delicate and slightly sweet mixture thanks to date honey. It's true, it's a recipe created to recycle syrup, but I assure you that I will make it again for the sole pleasure of eating two more in the morning.
I chose to use whole milk but you can replace it with vegetable milk and these muffins become vegan in the blink of an eye 😉

Muffins with date syrup, chocolate and apple

Per 6 muffin:
160 g of wholemeal flour
6 g of baking powder
1 pinch of salt
40 g of chocolate chips
1/2 sour apple (like Granny Smith)
140 g of whole milk (or vegetable)
60 g of date syrup
30 g extra virgin olive oil

In a bowl, pour the wholemeal flour, the yeast, the pinch of salt and the chocolate chips.
Peel the apple and grate it using a cheese grater or food processor.
In a second bowl, combine the milk, oil, date concentrate and grated apple. Briefly mix both the wet and dry ingredients, then add the liquid ones to the powders, mixing everything together with a spoon. The mixture must not be worked too much, as long as the ingredients mix and there are no obvious lumps of flour left.

Prepare 6 muffin cups. Pour the mixture using a spoon, filling them three-quarters full. Bake in a static oven at 180°C for 25-30 minutes maximum.


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