Pumpkin pancakes

For me today is the first day of fall. I went to primary school in the 80s when the teacher was still an undisputed authority, the rules to follow were few and clear and if a friend did something to spite you you had to deal with it alone or at most with him, without intermediaries.
In elementary school I was taught that the seasons begin on the 21st of the month and this thing has remained sacred to me, or rather, it has become a rule. The security that having fixed points gives you is priceless, so welcome autumn, I will start cooking thinking of you.

And autumn in the kitchen is a palette of warm colours, soft textures and enveloping flavours. And among all the vegetables that exist, which one contains all these characteristics? The pumpkin, obviously (I like to say obvious!). So here is a recipe based on this garden vegetable that is starting to appear on the market stalls.
There are dozens of types, and even if it is not among my favorite vegetables, I give pumpkin the merit of being truly versatile and being able to be the protagonist from appetizer to dessert.

Pumpkin pancakes

(freely taken from a recipe by Cristina Lunardini)
300 g of pumpkin pulp
2 eggs
100 g farina 0
20 g butter
sale q.b.
chopped parsley to taste
pumpkin seeds to taste

peanut oil for frying

To obtain the pulp, wrap the sliced ​​pumpkin in foil and cook it in the oven for about 30 minutes.
Once cooked, remove the peel and mash it with a potato masher or blend it.
Add the eggs, the flour, the previously melted butter, the salt and the parsley. If the dough is too soft, add one or more tablespoons of flour.
Form pancakes using two spoons, roll the dough in the pumpkin seeds and fry in plenty of hot oil.
Season with salt and serve hot.


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