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Ricotta cake without eggs and butter


I returned from a trip around the Lake Garda, a wide tour to tell the truth: Rovereto, Brescia and Salò. Not really in that order but it doesn't matter, what matters is that I've finally unplugged a bit. To do this I have an infallible mix that never disappoints:

  1. a long way (the further it is, the further away it is, or not?!)
  2. a new city (those already visited in these cases are not valid, except for Paris)
  3. a few museums of various types (this time I mixed contemporary art, archeology and Renaissance)
  4. a welcoming and charming place to stay (and this was perfect!)
  5. good food (even if this time we didn't put much effort into looking for addresses)

The rules were all respected and even the weather was sufficiently forgiving, you can see that even up there someone knew they had to give me a little respite. So this weekend the kitchen was closed, the gas turned off and the oven turned off. The recipes to offer you this week are very limited, in fact, I think there will only be this one ricotta cake without eggs and without added fat.

How it was? Good, moist and fragrant, it kept well for several days. Only downside, maybe she was too sweet for my taste. I'll leave you the recipe I made, try it before changing the amount of sugar, maybe it was just my impression.
Have a good week, we'll read it again soon or at least we'll read it again as soon as the kitchen is back in operation 😉

Ricotta cake without eggs and without butter

  • 300 g of sheep's ricotta
  • 300 g of spelled flour
  • 100g muscovado sugar
  • 100 g light brown sugar
  • 8 g baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract (or 1 berry)
  • 100/120 ml of milk (I used soya)

Sift the flour and yeast. Sift the ricotta and mix all the ingredients, keeping the milk* aside and adding it little at a time. When the mixture is smooth, transfer it to a 20cm diameter baking tray lined with baking paper and cover with aluminum foil. Bake in a hot oven at 180° for 40 minutes, then remove the aluminum cover and continue cooking for another 10/15 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool completely before serving. Accompany with a fruit compote if desired.

*the quantity is indicative, it depends on how fresh the ricotta is and therefore on how much whey is still present. In my case it was quite dry and I had to add a little more milk.

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