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Sandra's strawberry and oat muffins


A few days ago I was wandering around the blogs of my blog compilation and I came across Sandra “a touch of ginger” who was offering a recipe for strawberry, oat and cinnamon muffins (here). She immediately struck me, probably because I had to dispose of oat flakes at home and some strawberries from my garden which, let's face it, no longer looked very fresh. I thought I'd try the recipe straight away, adjusting it a bit (what am I saying?! If I don't put my own effort into it I'm not happy) and I fell in love with it, to the point of advertising the release of this among my friends. post yesterday so he could copy the recipe.

To accentuate the rustic taste given by the flakes and pieces of fruit or prefer to use wholemeal spelled flour, as I don't have grape seed oil I asked Sandra who kindly advised me to replace it with a delicate extra virgin olive oil. I didn't even have the banana so I eliminated it and last but not least due to the lack of rice milk and soy milk! I told you that I had put my own effort into it… And voilà, ready-made sweets, baked and… protected from the claws of the husband who, after tasting a small piece, wanted to eat them instantly without giving me time to photograph them. In fact they are really good, soft, fragrant and perfect for breakfast as long as they manage to arrive at 8.00 tomorrow morning… let me know 😉

Good weekend everyone!

Muffins with strawberries and oats

(circa 10 muffin)

230 g of wholemeal spelled flour
140 g of cane sugar
2 eggs
0.9 dl of delicate extra virgin olive oil
50 g of oat flakes
0.6 dl of soy milk
150g of ripe strawberries
a small piece of cinnamon stick (crumbled between your fingers)
1 teaspoon baking powder

Turn the oven on to 180° (ventilated). Mix the liquid ingredients i.e. eggs, soy milk and oil with a whisk until everything is well mixed. In a separate bowl, combine the dry ingredients, therefore flour, sugar, cinnamon, yeast and a little more than half of the oat flakes. Cut the strawberries into small pieces and add them to the dry ingredients to coat the fruit pieces in flour (so they don't fall to the bottom of the baking cups). At this point, combine the two doughs and turn the mixture 12 times, leaving it lumpy (I learned this idea of ​​turning 12 times from Fausta and it seems to have worked). Fill up to three quarters of the cups, sprinkle with the remaining oat flakes and bake for 15/18 minutes (Sandra baked them for longer… as always it depends on the ovens, keep an eye on them to be safe).

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