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Savory millefeuille


In these six years of online recipes I realized that I had never given the right weight to a main product of Emilia Romagna cuisine: the Mortadella Bologna PGI one of the most identifying and best-known cured meats in Italy, indeed THE cured meat that identifies Italian products abroad.

The origin of mortadella has a very nice iconographic confirmation in two “twin” steles from the Roman period preserved in the archaeological museum of Bologna. In one you can see some pigs grazing and in the other a large mortar, the first representation of this delight of meat pounded together with spices and then stuffed into sausages.
In the seventies Mario Monicelli he even dedicated a film to him, The mortadella precisely, an Italian comedy with Sofia Loren, Maddalena, who didn't want to get rid of her mortadella as soon as she landed in the USA where the importation of sausages was prohibited by law (and where it was until not long ago). Loren hugging that mortadella always brought a tender smile to my face!

From a popular cured meat, Mortadella then entered starred restaurants where chefs pay homage to it as they do with the great personalities of history. Available in various dishes, from appetizers to main courses, it has now become a truly versatile ingredient, with the understanding that in some recipes it is impossible to replace it (as far as I'm concerned in meatballs and as a filling for esplanade!).

I chose this cured meat to participate in the contest They will be famous Of Inalpi following the instructions of sous-chef Giacomo Orlandi della Trattoria Da Amerigo who asked me to enhance the excellence of my region and with pleasure I paid homage to that pink touch that colors Emilia Romagna.
The contest combines three bloggers with a sous-chef from a Trattoria selected by the 2017 Slow Food Osteria Guide to Italy, 10 teams aiming for the prize for the best menu! With Scarlett e Alessandro and to Giacomo, our chef, we are going to form the central Italian team… you will see some beautiful ones and some good ones too!
So here is my proposal for the contest, one mortadella millefeuille, slices of milk and rocket pesto a delicious and tasty appetizer to accompany with a mixed salad and radishes.

Savory millefeuille

For the millefeuille:
approximately 150 g of Bologna PGI mortadella (3 slightly thick slices)
13 slices of milk classic Inalps

For the rocket pesto:
80 g of rocket
70 g of Parmigiano Reggiano aged 24 months
70 g of blanched almonds
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
sale q.b.

To complete the dish:
Valerian salad
Extra virgin olive oil

Wash, clean and dry the rocket well. Place it in a blender with the grated parmesan, oil and almonds. Chop until you obtain a homogeneous but not too fine pesto consistency. Taste and, if necessary, add salt.

Take a plum cake pan (mine is 8×22 cm) and cover it with cling film which must protrude from the edges.
Obtain the measurements of the base of the mold and cut the slices of mortadella. From each slice you will obtain 2 layers, recovering the scraps.
Place the mortadella in the mold. Cover with two and a half slices of milk over the mortadella. Spread 2 tablespoons of rocket pesto over the cheese and, using a spatula, spread it evenly but not too thick.
Continue like this for 5 layers, ending with the slices of milk.
Close with excess film, also wrapping the upper part of the “tile” and place it in the refrigerator with a weight on top (I used sticks of butter). Let it rest overnight.
Take the tile again and use a pastry cutter with a diameter of 5 centimeters to cut out 4 portions of millefeuille.

Proceed to compose the dish by placing the millefeuille on one side and next to it the mixed salad and radishes previously dressed with oil and salt. Serve immediately and, if desired, sprinkle everything with pink pepper.

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