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Summer recipes #2: crostini and bruschetta!


August it is the month in which this space takes a break, the month of holidays, this year the month of Greece.
It is usually the month in which cooking is optional, but in reality it is also the period for organizing ideas and deciding to prepare something new to show in September. It's also the month of lightness, or at least that's how I decided it should be, at least 15 days of scattered “thoughts” (Ofi)…

As always, before saying goodbye, I would like to leave you with some recipes collected over the years. Thinking about the summer I decided that this year the collection would be entirely aimed at crostini and bruschetta. Nothing easier, nothing more colorful and delicious and, why not, nothing lighter for a summer lunch!
A quick overview of the ones I've prepared in the last 5 years, where vegetables are king. Some posts are actually stories of life or travel, others simple recipes but it could be an opportunity to spend a little more time together…

Crostini with potatoes, eggs and onion
Bread and vinegar
Crostini with aubergines
Bread and tomato
Bruschetta with cannellini beans
Spanish style crostini with anchovies and peppers

I wish everyone to have a nice holiday (for those who do) or to enjoy this month which embodies the lazy soul of summer. We'll meet again in September. An affectionate hug!

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