Yogurt muffins and red fruit compote

We have breakfast together?
I hear this question asked more and more often and more and more often I accept it with enthusiasm. But I have a skeleton in the closetI never arrive fast at the pastry shop or the bar, I've already made the real breakfast at home and I limit myself to a coffee and a mini wholemeal croissant.
The photograph of my ideal breakfast sees me in my pajamas, with wrinkled eyes, the marks of the pillow on my face (which now disappear after a couple of hours and no longer after five minutes), the silence around me or at most a few groans to make me pass the honey or biscuits. This, in all its normality, is my perfect breakfast.

And for a slightly richer breakfast I prepared these muffins with yogurt and red fruit compote borrowing the jar method, although here they are not the classic seven.
A rather light dough, with a little oil, to prepare seven rather large cakes to be served with a freshly warm red fruit compote, together with a cup of tea and a yogurt, this combo was my breakfast last Sunday. One muffin for me, two for the husband and by Monday they were already gone!

If you want some other ideas for the weekend dessert and you are If you are gluten intolerant, I recommend these muffins with strawberries and poppy seeds while, if you want to stick to the combination of yogurt and extra virgin olive oil, I recommend it those with pears and chia seeds.

Yogurt muffins with red fruit compote

4 eggs
1 natural yogurt jar
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
2 jars of 00 flour
1/2 jar of light extra virgin olive oil
10 g of baking powder

300 g of frozen red fruits
1 tablespoon of sugar
1/2 lemon

(Per 6/7 muffin)
Beat the eggs with the sugar with the whisk until you obtain a frothy mixture.
Add the yogurt, sifted flour and yeast and the oil. Mix with the whisk for a few minutes until you obtain a smooth mixture.
Divide the mixture into the muffin liners and bake at 180°C for 15/20 minutes.

In the meantime, cook the red berries together with the sugar and the juice of half a lemon for 10 minutes. Leave to cool and serve each muffin with 2 tablespoons of compote.


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