10 reasons why it is good to consume it every day


The pomegranate is a fruit that boasts numerous beneficial properties for mental and physical health. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, water, fibre, fructose, mineral salts (especially potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron), and non-vitamin antioxidants, it has miraculous antioxidant properties, so much so that it is counted among the anti-cancer foods. During the autumn season it should be consumed every day.

Benefits of pomegranate: summary

Strengthens immune defenses

Among its main beneficial qualities, the pomegranate has that of strengthening the immune system thanks to its large amount of vitamins, in particular the vitamin C, which contains, which act as a barrier against flu and colds. It can be taken to prevent (certainly a better option), but also to treat any seasonal ailments.

Protects cognitive abilities and the brain

According to some studies, pomegranate is an ally of cognitive processes, memory and learning. A friend of the brain, in short. This is due to the high content of ellegitannins, polyphenols from antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Pomegranate acts by stimulating blood flow to prevent brain damage.

Pomegranate: it is anti-aging

The pomegranate, as is known, is a beauty ally due to the anti-aging properties of cells, which make it a natural cosmetic for the beauty of skin and hair. Contains a high amount of antioxidants and Omega 5which fight free radicals and counteract oxidative stress, Punicinic acid which stimulates the collagen production.

Consuming pomegranate or its juice contributes to donation elasticity of the skin, to soften the hair, and to create a protective screen against UV rays.

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

The consumption of pomegranate juice or fresh fruit has beneficial effects on heart health and blood function. Thanks to the polyphenols and antioxidants capable of lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol absorption, have an anticoagulant action, thus reducing the risk of the onset of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and blood clot formation.


The pomegranate is a natural gastroprotector. Thanks to his anti-inflammatory and antibacterial propertiesmanages to protect the barrier of the gastric mucosa, with beneficial effects in case of intestinal inflammation and heartburnbut also intestinal viruses.

Antidiarrheal properties

In addition to protective function of the stomach, intestines and liver, pomegranate should be introduced into the diet in case of diarrhea. The fruit, and the extracted juice, have antidiarrheal function e astringent.

Supports bones and muscles

Pomegranate contains a considerable amount of soccerprecious for bone health, e di ellagitannini which release ellagic acid from which theurolithin-A, responsible of improved longevity and of muscle healthgoing to act positively on functionality of cartilage and joints.

Counteracts cholesterol and glucose

Pomegranate is a low-calorie fruit, which helps the absorption of fat counteracting lipid accumulation, and therefore acting favorably in containing cholesterol levels.

The anthocyanins, tannins and flavonoids, and the fibers contained in the fruit and its juice are able to accelerate metabolic functions and then go and adjust the levels cholesterol, glucose and insulinalso useful for preventing diabetes.

Couple's well-being

Pomegranate juice contains phytoestrogens, essential hormones for women's sexual health. As well as good male support against erectile dysfunction.

Natural anti depressant

Pomegranate contains estrogens That stimulate serotoninvitamin E, selenium and beta carotene, therefore it is a fruit that, if consumed daily, helps to relieve states of anxiety, bad mood and stress.


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