Bread: Low-Carbohydrate Alternatives

How not to give up bread

Bread is relatively rich in carbohydrates, which makes it a food to be limited in the diet of some subjects with pathologies such as diabetes, celiac disease (avoid gluten intake), obesity, who could benefit from the use of low- carb to bread. The main ingredient of bread is flour, which contains ground wheat starch, a complex carbohydrate.

The most common and easily available alternative on the market is wholemeal bread. In fact, this is certainly more dietary, it has almost the same flavor as classic bread, but has less fat internally.

If, however, you want to go one step further and replace bread completely, it is preferable not to fall back on alternatives such as breadsticks, bruschetta or crackers, which have a much higher content of starch, fat and salt than bread.

On the market it is possible to find various products that can replace bread, such as rice or corn cakes, which in addition to being satiating, are yeast-free and therefore prevent abdominal bloating, or unleavened bread, dietary because it is created without salt and yeast .

Pane low carbs

Whole grain bread

Wholemeal breadalso known as black bread, is obtained from a mixture of flours whole grains, i.e. unrefined. Naturally rich in fiber, helps control weight and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Not only that, fibers help regular intestinal transit. Wholemeal bread can be part of a healthy diet, useful in the prevention of diabetes. The increase in fiber is due to the presence of bran which represents the integral part of the grain.

Almond bread

Those looking to find a low-carb alternative to bread can try almond bread. Almond bread is made using almond flour, mixed with eggs which will give this baked product a texture that is somewhere between bread and cake. Almond bread has the advantage of being gluten-free.

Soy bread

Soy bread is made with soy flour, obtained by grinding the seeds, and is a naturally gluten-free food. Useful for those with protein deficiencies, it is a bread suitable for the diet of celiacs and particularly suitable for those following a vegetarian diet. Soy bread contains less starch than ordinary bread, which makes it more digestible, and contains more quickly usable simple sugars.

It has a lower glycemic index and is therefore particularly suitable for diabetics or protein-rich diets.

Rye bread

Rye bread is a dark bread rich in fibre, B vitamins, and minerals such as potassium and iron, but low in calories, particularly used in Northern European cuisine, where it originates. It is traditionally prepared with a rye flour mix and flour wheat, or just rye like il pumpernickel, il German black breadmoist, without crust, can also be found in organic shops in Italy, or ruisreikäleipä, the Finnish donut bread, golden and crunchy.

Rye bread is particularly satiating, with a reduced quantity of carbohydrates and a good supply of fiber which makes it useful in cases of constipation and poor digestion. This type of bread is also suitable for gluten intolerant, diabetics and those suffering from high cholesterol. There rye in fact it has a low glycemic indexwhich means that the fibers help keep i sugar levels in the blood.

Protein bread

Il protein bread it is a particular type of bread added with protein elements and not obtained only from the mixture of water, flour, yeast and protein powder. Its peculiarity is that of being rich in proteins: one slice, in fact, could provide up to 10-15 grams compared to the 2 grams of traditional bread. They also contain far fewer carbohydrates.

There are several recipes for making protein bread. A completely natural recipe for bread with a high protein content and low in carbohydrates is obtained by kneading:

Alternative low carbs al pane

There are several low carb alternatives to bread, but also to snacks rich in salt and fat such as crackers, breadsticks and croutons.

  • Scandinavian crispbread, used mainly in Finland and Sweden
  • Rice, corn or oat cakes.
  • Wholemeal pita bread

Here's how to eat less bread during meals.


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