Diet and acne

The most accredited research on the subject shows that a diet rich in foods with a high glycemic index it can favor the appearance of acne.

High Glycemic Index Foods

If consumed in excess, sugary drinks, yogurt and fruit juices sweetened with industrial quantities of sucrose, white bread, pastry products and various sweets, raise insulin levels, which in turn increases the synthesis of IGF-1 and androgens.

These hormones stimulate the skin's production of sebum, an oily mass that dilates the walls of the hair follicle and incorporates cellular debris until it becomes blocked. In addition to increasing sebaceous secretion, in fact, IGF-1 also stimulates the hyperkeratization of the stratum corneum (thickens the most superficial layer of the epidermis, accelerating its turnover).

The accumulation of sebum and debris inside the hair follicle leads to the formation of real “plugs”, called comedones (whiteheads first and blackheads later), and favors the appearance of pimples.

The latter are caused by the activity of some skin bacteria, which feed on sebum and release free fatty acids. These substances attract white blood cells and various inflammatory molecules, giving rise to what is commonly called a boil.

Reducing the presence of foods with a high glycemic index in one's diet therefore seems to be a valid strategy to reduce the severity of acne manifestations. Not only that, we have long known that this rule also protects against overweight, obesity, insulin resistance, type II diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome and coronary heart disease.


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