Understanding food labels

The different foods and foods that we consume every day through diet and nutrition have a peculiar composition in terms of nutrients; this allows us to characterize them and therefore divide them into the so-called 'FOOD GROUPS' or categories.

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Food labels

When we go shopping do we rely on our senses, our wallet or common sense?

Those who rely on common sense cannot forget that famous Chinese saying that goes: “we are what we eat”. And what we eat is shown on food labels!

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Nutrition labels

Usually, quality food producers underline the properties of their foods by enhancing their nutritional characteristics.

Given that producing a healthy and genuine food costs more than resorting to cheap industrial shortcuts, it would be counterproductive and stupid not to specify its beneficial properties.

Nutrition labels”

Preservation and food additives

When reading the label of a food you need to pay attention to the times and methods of preservation.

Foods keep their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics intact for a certain period of time, beyond which they begin to change their peculiarities.

Preservation and food additives»

Food additives: those who know them avoid them

Some tips to protect the consumer:

at the supermarket prefer foods with a low content of additives

shop using your brain and not your eyes: if the color of a food is too flashy, compare it with the price…

Food additives: those who know them avoid them”

Labels and mineral water

Finding your way around the choice of the numerous mineral waters on the market is not easy. The labels placed on the containers represent a valid help in this regard.

The label uniquely identifies all the elements and characteristics of a mineral water.

However, it is not always easy to correctly interpret the data provided by this sort of “database”.

Labels and mineral water»

Since November 2020 the NutrInform label has also been used.

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