Foods to Avoid in Case of Psoriasis

Negative reactions, including psoriasis flare-ups, can occur with foods to which you have an intolerance. Specific intolerances vary from person to person, so the key is to understand which foods may be triggers on a personal level.

For example, in some cases psoriasis symptoms improve after eliminating foods such as gluten and dairy. An elimination diary or a food diary they can be useful tools for keep track of your diet and symptoms to share with your doctor and to explore possible connections.

If you go the route of elimination, the idea is to remove only one food item at a time, like gluten, for a few weeks, then add it back to your diet. In practice, experiments are done to see if the symptoms of psoriasis resolve with removal and return with reintroduction. Make sure to work closely with your doctor or dietitian to do so safely, so you don't end up eliminating important nutrients from your diet.


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