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how to understand if it is present in the jars


Botox is one quite dangerous toxin for the health of human beings, which can form inside food jars, especially preserves and products in oil.

Those purchased in supermarkets are subject to strict protocols, packaging steps, sterilization processes and controls, so they rarely present this risk. However, the same cannot be said for preserves or pickled vegetables that you make yourself.

While always trying to pay maximum attention, home preparation can in fact also be characterized by small errors or events independent of one's control, capable of generating botulinum.

Being extremely harmful, it is therefore good learn to recognize its presence, so as to avoid eating contaminated foods.

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What is botulinum

Botox is one toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which can cause botulisma very dangerous condition for health since it leads to a severe paralysis of the muscles.

Contracting this food poisoning can generate serious and long-term consequences such as nerve damage, persistent muscle weakness, speech and swallowing disorders, and breathing problems. In more serious cases, botulism can even lead to death.

This toxin is present in many environments, including agricultural land and water, but the most common way people come into contact with it is throughingestion of incorrectly preserved foodsespecially preserves or products in oil prepared at home.

The reason lies in fact in their preservation method, given that the bacterium that gives life to botulinum manages to grow and multiply in environments without oxygeninfecting the food present.

Preparations with the presence of oil are particularly at risk because the latter creates an anaerobic environment, perfect for the proliferation of botulinum.

How to avoid it in home preparations

When preparing tomato preserves or vegetables in oil at home it is always better boil the jars (at least 10 minutes) before using them. This greatly reduces the bacterial load inside them but, on the other hand, a 100°C, Botulinum spores last up to 4-5 hours.

The addition of salt is also useful in preventing the formation of botulinum vinegar in the cooking brine – 15% salt and 1/2 vinegar, with acidity which reaches at least al 5,5% (pH 4,5%). This in fact causes the bacterium dies and, with it, his too toxins. The sporeInstead, they resist to the acidic pH and salinity but, in this condition, they do not germinate. Latent spores do not increase the risk of botulism in healthy adults.

Ethyl alcohol also blocks the germination of spores, although it does not kill the bacterium and its toxins.

Re-boil the already filled jarsunless 100°C is reached and the treatment continues for at least 4-5 hours, does not protect against the risk of spore germination. However, this can participate in killing the bacteria that remain alive and, if it reaches 80° C, in eliminating the toxins already produced.

For these reasons, hygienic attention during processing is the first fundamental rule to reduce the risk of botulinum.

Once the jar is opened, Always keep it in the refrigerator and avoid cross-contamination.

How to recognize the presence of botulinum in jars

  • Swelling of the jar, due to the formation of gases produced by the botulinum itself.
  • Changes in the smell of the contents of the jar.
  • Abnormal consistency of the contents of the jar such as the formation of lumps or other unusual elements including separation of the oil in the case of products in oil.
  • Altered coloring of the contents of the jar.
  • If you suspect that the jar you are handling is contaminated with botulinum, it is essential not to consume its contents but to throw it away immediately.

Symptoms of botulism

Unfortunately even newborns can be affectedin which it is also good to pay attention to appetite, constipation, excessively prolonged sleep, crying and weak muscle tone.

Considering that the initial symptoms are mild and similar to other problems, identifying the presence of botulinum is not always easy.

This is why it is very important to pay attention and be able to recognize it in advance.

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