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Iron deficiency


Anemia and Iron Deficiency

The relationship between anemia and iron deficiency is universally known. This mineral is in fact a fundamental part of hemoglobin, a molecule contained in red blood cells and essential for the transport of oxygen in the blood.

From this awareness arises the frequent and spontaneous use of iron supplements, widespread especially in sports with the aim of increasing hemoglobin values ​​in the blood.

Slightly less known are all the other causes of anemia (aplastic, sickle cell, hemolytic, pernicious, etc.), which are independent of iron deficiency.

The anemic form caused by iron deficiency is called anemia sideropenica.

Often the condition remains asymptomatic or manifests with mild symptoms, such as paleness, weakness, dizziness, cold extremities and brittle nails. These symptoms are quite non-specific and common to all the various forms of anemia; therefore, before considering the use of iron supplements, it is important to contact your doctor and make sure that the symptoms depend on an actual deficiency of the mineral.

Iron supplements

The use of iron-based supplements is justified in the presence of the risk factors listed above or when specific blood tests have shown an anemic form attributable to an iron deficiency.

The treatment of these conditions involves the administration of external martial sources (iron supplements), since foods alone may not be sufficient to rebalance significant deficiencies.

However, adapting your dietary habits is important, just think that the vitamin C contained in a glass of orange juice is able to triple the absorption of the iron provided by breakfast.

The use of iron supplements should occur exclusively under medical advice, after careful evaluation of specific blood tests. Only in this way will it be possible to avoid excess problems and discover the real causes of the anemic condition.

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