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Is putting them in the fridge dangerous?


It happens that you cook a larger quantity of food than is necessary, or you want to take advantage of preparing dishes that you will then consume the following days.

In these cases, obviously, we rely on the fridge to preserve them and in this sense, one of the questions we most often ask ourselves is whether dishes that are still hot can also be placed inside or whether it is better to wait for them to cool. Here's what you need to know.

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What happens if you put hot food in the fridge

Storing hot food in the fridge does not pose a certain health risk, so saying that it is prohibited is incorrect. However, it is one a practice that is largely discouraged because it would jeopardize the conservation of items already present in the fridge.

Putting something hot in a cold environment, in fact, causes an immediate increase in general temperature and this puts at risk the conservation of everything that benefits from the cold, and therefore of the foods contained in the refrigerator.

In particular, if the temperature inside is not sufficiently cold, the environment could transform intoperfect natural habitat for the proliferation of bacteria particularly harmful to health such as E. Coli, Staphylococcus, Campylobacter and Salmonella.

How to store them safely

To overcome the problem and optimize time, professional restaurant kitchens have blast chillerslarge appliances that allow you to quickly lower the temperature of food without ruining it.

You rarely have this tool at home and unfortunately there is no quick and equally effective alternative for cooling them. The only thing to do when faced with hot food that you don't eat immediately but want to keep in the fridge is to wait for it to cool.

Be careful, however, not to wait too long, especially in the case of dishes that are left at room temperature and risk deteriorating quickly, particularly in summer. The ideal is to let them cool for about a couple of hoursand then place them in the fridge.

If you really don't have time to wait, you can divide the still hot dishes into small portions, place them in special containers and place them in the fridge. In this way the temperature of the fridge does not completely avoid falling but the cold, having to act on smaller portions of hot elements, does so in less time and reduces the probability of affecting other foods. Once cooled, the portions can be joined together again, if you prefer to store them in this way.

Finally, you can also quickly cool food before placing it in the fridge immerse the pot or container in which they are found in the sink filled with water and ice.

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