Laxative foods

What are Laxative Foods

Laxative foods stimulate peristalsis of the colon, favoring or reflexively accelerating the evacuation of feces. Vegetables, honey, legumes, fruit, beer, milk, brown bread and broth belong to this category.

The laxative effect of foods cannot be separated from the generous consumption of water.

Among the most effective laxative foods are tamarind and cassia, generally taken in the form of jam or syrup. Moving to our latitudes, the laxative food par excellence is given by dried plums (in case of stubborn constipation, it is recommended to immerse them in the evening in a glass of water, then consume them upon waking together with the residual liquid and a spoonful of honey). Other laxative foods are blackberries, grapes, figs, liquorice, peaches, potatoes, kiwis and all foods particularly rich in fiber (flax seeds, oats, spelled, carrots, etc.).


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