Mother Yeast

Example of sourdough preparation.

PHASE 1) To obtain a new sourdough it is first necessary to produce a dough of water and flour, left in contact with the air so that it is enriched by the yeasts present in the environment.

  • 2 parts flour (e.g. 200g)
  • 1 part warm water (e.g. 100ml)
  • a teaspoon of sugar (or malt or honey) which acts as a starter.

Mix the ingredients and knead until you obtain a soft mixture. Make a cross cut and let everything rest in a glass container covered with a clean, damp cloth, at room temperature for 48 hours (during which it will double in volume).

LEVEL 2 (3rd-4th day). After 48 hours of rest, take a part of the mixture (e.g. 200 grams) and add:

  • 1 part flour (es. 200g)
  • Half part of warm water (e.g. 100ml)

Mix the ingredients and knead until you obtain a soft mixture. Then leave to rest for 48 hours with the same methods listed for phase 1.

PHASE 3 (5th-6th day). After 48 hours of rest, repeat phase 2.

PHASE 4 (7th-13th day). Once the 48 hours of rest have elapsed, repeat phase 3 but leave it to rest for only 24 hours. Repeat every 24 hours for another 7 days.

PHASE 5 (14th day). Two weeks after starting phase 1, the sourdough will be ready. If the preparation is too acidic, extend phase 4 for a few more days.

Once obtained, the sourdough is stored in the refrigerator and kept alive and reproduced by means of subsequent refreshments every 2/6 days.


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