Pasta for breakfast: because it's good for you

The Ideal Breakfast

Especially in Italy but not only there ideal breakfast For most people it is considered to be based on coffee, cappuccino, milk, or tea sweet foods such as biscuits, croissants, cakes or fruit.

However, one of the latest trends to make its way into the world of food and wellness is the one that suggests eat a plate of pasta during the first meal of the day.

It doesn't matter what the seasoning is, carbonara would be fine, as would pasta with pesto or tomato, what matters is that it's pasta.

What is this new trend and where does it come from

Even though it is now gaining ground in many parts of the world, the idea of ​​eating a plate of pasta for breakfast originates in some very specific countries: England, United States, Germany and Australiawhere many nutritionists recommend it as the primary choice to start the day.

The reason is to feed like this in the morning it would bring with it many benefits. Even if familiarity with the preparation of pasta is not always high beyond Italian borders, it is in fact a dish universally chosen among the healthiest and among those that can generate greater positive effects on the body, obviously provided that the condiments are healthy and well balanced in terms of nutrients.

Its global success also depends on the fact that the versions in which it can be prepared are practically infinite and are therefore suitable for the most disparate occasions, from a simple home dinner, to a lunch with friends, up to a more refined gourmet experience.

In short, let the pasta be one of the most popular foods in the world it's not surprising. The novelty of the moment instead lies in the time of day in which it is considered a good idea to eat it. Until now, in fact, no one had ever thought about breakfast but something seems to be changing.

Benefits of pasta for breakfast

Anglo-Saxon nutrition professionals and others, however, are arguing quite unitedly that spaghetti, penne, tagliatelle, macaroni and the like can represent valid and delicious substitutes for classic breakfasts based on brioches, but also yogurt, corn flakes and delicious cereals. .

The reason for this statement is very simple: the ideal way to start the day would be to introduce complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins into your bodyfoods that provide the necessary energy first thing in the morning and help you stay full and satisfied until lunch time.

To fill up on these elements, the pasta dish is perfect because it is much easier to digest than typical recipes from the countries where this trend is spreading.

In England and the United States above all, in fact, breakfasts are not only sweet but very often savory and based on eggs, cheese, bacon and sometimes potatoes, definitely much heavier than a lightly seasoned plate of pasta.
Furthermore, eating pasta for breakfast would also help keep your weight under control.

The quinoa-based breakfast is also excellent.

What would be the best condiments

Even if the proposal may seem bizarre to say the least, it is undeniable that many of the ingredients underlying the production of pasta and many basic condiments are the same, or in any case very similar, to those needed to prepare other typical breakfast foods. Cakes and biscuits, for example, contain flour, eggs and olive oil. However, at least in Italy, until now pasta has always been associated exclusively with the other main meals of the day, namely lunch and dinner.

However, the time for a change seems to have arrived, at least judging by the ever-growing number of specialists in the sector who claim that eating a plate of pasta for breakfast is an extremely healthy way to start the day. There are those who go out of their way and dare to say which is the best recipe: the pasta carbonara, at least according to many German nutritionists who, judging it to be complete with essential elements, define it as much healthier than the classic slice of bread with spreadable paste, rich in sugar and simple carbohydrates which can cause blood sugar levels to soar. Also in Germany, the Federal Nutrition Center also invites you to prepare one wholemeal pasta made from chickpea or lentil flour, so as to ensure the body has the right amount of fiber from the first morning. In this case, the classic ones are perfect as a condiment homemade tomato sauce, but also Genoese pesto or a fried, scrambled or poached egg.

Many prestigious US clinics, however, claim that seasoning the pasta with a good dose of fresh peas ensure the right dose of protein to start the day, even better if you add a sprinkling of grated cheese or a few spoons of Greek yogurt to the legumes.

In Australia the most popular advice is to choose for breakfast spaghetti seasoned with smoked bacon, cherry tomatoes, poached eggs, peas, parsley and chives.


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