properties and benefits of mushroom coffee

One of more original variations of coffee is that a mushroom basewhich would represent a healthy alternative to the classic version.

Having recently come to the fore, the mushroom coffee or Mushroom coffee in reality it is not an absolute novelty, given that mushrooms were used as a substitute for coffee in Finland already during the Second World War, when coffee beans were not available, and are present in many preparations of Chinese medicine, precisely for the their beneficial properties.

What is mushroom coffee

Mushroom coffee is one dark drink obtained from the union of ground mushrooms and coffee beansmixed together in equal parts.

The mushrooms used are not those usually found in culinary recipes but they are medicinal mushroomsconsidered super food.

The most used is Reishi, or Ganoderma Lucidum, which in addition to possessing valuable properties for physical well-being, would also counteract the negative side effects of caffeine. However, there are Mushroom coffees made with blends of other mushrooms such as Shiitake, Chaga, Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail.

At the level of gustomushroom coffee it doesn't differ much from the classic one but it is slightly more delicate.

How it is made and how it is consumed

Mushroom coffee is found in the form of soluble mixture, ground preparation or podsat retailers specializing in the sale of organic or healthy food, or online.

To prepare it, the mushrooms are dehydrated, ground into a powder fine and prepared to be consumed, exactly like traditional coffee, with moka, espresso machine, drip coffee machines, infusion methods or other.

The cost of mushroom coffee is approximately double that of normal coffee and this derives from the fact that medicinal mushrooms are not present in large quantities in nature, so their cultivation, processing and marketing is rather difficult.

Caffeine content

Mushroom coffee blends contain less caffeine than regular coffee and the reason is very simple: medicinal mushrooms are free of this substance and since mushroom coffee is made up of 50% of them, it goes without saying that the content is halved.

This is obviously good news because although the World Health Organization has stated that it is It is possible to safely take up to 400 mg of caffeine per day (4-5 cups)reducing the amount circulating in the body is still positive.

In fact, excess can lead to anxiety, rapid heartbeat, stomach problems and other side effects. Prefer the mushroom coffee to normal coffee, however, significantly diminishes these effects. Furthermore, it is a drink that can also be consumed more frequently in the evening and before going to sleep, given that its minimal amount of caffeine should not affect the ability to fall asleep and the quality of sleep.

Potential health benefits

I medicinal mushrooms they are considered to be from the dei family super food and it is no coincidence that in many eastern cultures they have been used for centuries to soothe various physical problems and more.

Their properties, in fact, are different, and derive mainly from the fact of being rich in minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, selenium and magnesium and to contain B vitamins.

This, first of all, strengthens the immune and cardiovascular system and helps the body defend itself during seasonal changes.

Furthermore, mushroom coffee would be an important source of antioxidants, even higher than that of cocoa. A medium cup would contain even more than black tea and green tea.

The coffee and mushroom mix would also help fight free radicals and consequently reduce oxidative stress which can cause cellular damage.

This drink appears to have many other beneficial properties, such as improvement of the functioning of the digestive system or anti-stress action given by compounds extracted from medicinal mushrooms called adaptogens, which can improve the body's response to anxiety-provoking situations.

It is good to remember, however, that although premises and evidence of the positivity of a constant consumption of medicinal mushrooms exist, to date the majority of studies on medicinal mushrooms are based on animals or conducted in the laboratory, with few clinical insights on humans.

Furthermore, while it is certainly possible to say that medicinal mushrooms and coffee have some well-established benefits on their own, these studies are not specific to mushroom coffee and do not clarify whether there are any combined positive or negative health effects from mixing mushrooms and coffee beans.

Specifically, according to some studies, mushrooms Chaga could help fight the ulcers and allergies, the latter by suppressing the activity of the immune cells responsible for an allergic response to some foods.

The mushrooms ReishiInstead, would reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and, consequently, would reduce the risk of heart disease.

Discover the properties of cooked or raw mushrooms, and which are the most nutritious.

As for classic coffee, however, it has storage times, be careful not to exceed them.


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