Raw or cooked mushrooms: which are healthier?

Mushrooms are particularly rich in nutrients and represent a panacea for bone health and the immune system, over all. They do not contain fat and are food low-calorie (100 grams of mushrooms contain, depending on the variety, from 20 to 26 kcal), therefore they are also indicated in a diet of subjects following a slimming diet or for those who must follow a low-fat diet. They are a great source of mineralsin particular: phosphorus, potassium, selenium and magnesium. Furthermore, mushrooms they are rich in lysine e tryptophanB vitamins and powerful antioxidants.

Mushrooms are considered allied foods cardiovascular system (they contain little fat which would be deposited in the arteries), and are precious for the immune system. In this regard, nutrition specialists recommend their intake especially during the change of season between summer and autumn, when they also abound in nature and are also easily available because they grow spontaneously, to support the defenses and the body to defend itself better from pathogen attacks.

Mushrooms: the most common varieties in the kitchen

As we have explained in the previous paragraphs, thousands of species exist in nature different mushrooms, clearly not all of them are edible. Some varieties in particular arrive on our tables for the preparation of the most diverse dishes: in fact, porcini mushrooms, champignons, cardoncelli, chanterelles and honey mushrooms abound, each with its own characteristics, flavor and ideal pairing. As well as seasonality and presence, more or less generous, depending on the area (Regions, Provinces) in which it is located. Among the most used mushrooms we find, for example, the delicious and fragrant ones porcini mushrooms, which can be harvested between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, in the oak and chestnut woods. They are often added in the preparation of risottos, fresh pasta, lasagne, but also as a side dish to meat or cheese. They are also appreciated fried, stuffed or raw in addition to excellent salads. Also very delicious cardoncelli mushrooms (particularly widespread in Puglia, Calabria and Basilicata); their large, fleshy cap is excellent grilled. Among the cultivated and also inexpensive mushrooms, unlike the two previous varieties, we find instead the champignon (or prataioli) easily available all year round at the supermarket, fresh or frozenthey are ideal for the preparation of many recipes.


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