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The effects of consuming cheese in the evening


Did you know that Grana cheese…

Milk and cheese, being very important food sources of tryptophan, calcium and B vitamins, they are ideal in a healthy and balanced diet, and promote night's rest. Grana Padano DOP, in particular, is a milk concentrate but contains less fat than the whole milk with which it is produced, as it is skimmed during its processing. In addition to having excellent quantities of calcium and proteins high biological value, including tryptophan, this cheese is also rich in vitamins such as A, those of group B (B2 and B12) and minerals with antioxidant come zinc and selenium. Drinking a glass of warm milk (skimmed or partially skimmed) before bed can help you sleep without weighing down your stomach.

Tryptophan, the amino acid for good sleep

Il tryptophan it is an essential amino acid precursor of serotonininvolved in mood regulation, melatonin, involved in cycles of sleep, and niacin or vitamin B6. Low levels of tryptophan are associated with insomnia, depression, mood swings, irritability and aggression. It is useful for promoting the restoration of the physiological mechanisms that regulate sleep. As tryptophan cannot be synthesized by the body, it must be introduced through food or specific supplements.

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