the nutritionist's weekly menu

Liver and kidney detox: the nutritionist's weekly menu

We asked our nutritionist Kseniya to draw up a new one menu of the week which, through a functional and synergistic approach, can help and encourage the liver and kidney work. Two organs that perform extremely important functions in our body: since they are responsible for the filtration and absorption of all nutrients and the elimination of waste!

Warning: this is a general dietary scheme to support the main organs in the excretion of waste substances. This is not a detox diet and cannot take into account the particular physiological and/or pathological conditions of the individual.

Day by day nutrition detox for liver and kidneys: the nutritionist's weekly menu.







  • Breakfast: cold green tea + toasted wholemeal bread + dried fruit
  • Snack: centrifuged apple and lettuce
  • Lunch: baked salmon + endive + wholemeal bread + extra virgin olive oil
  • Snack: watermelon
  • Dinner: barley + peas and basil cream + extra virgin olive oil


  • Breakfast: plain yogurt + plums
  • Snack: dried fruit
  • Lunch: lemon scallops with cold boiled potatoes with rosemary + green beans + extra virgin olive oil
  • Snack: centrifuged kiwi, celery and yellow melon
  • Dinner: bruschetta with chickpea cream + ginger-scented rocket + chia seeds + extra virgin olive oil

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