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The worst drinks for the body



There are health risks hidden in the glass, although it is not so obvious. Some drinks are considered decidedly harmful to the health of the body, such as fruit juices rich in sugar, carbonated drinks, coffee creams and alcohol. The fluids we consume are essential to support the body's daily functions, such as eliminating toxins, maintaining chemical balance and tissue repair. While certain beverages, such as water and unsweetened tea, as well as lemon juice and fruit and vegetable extracts, nourish the body's processes and promote long-term health, the same cannot be said of some drinks which should definitely be limited, if not eliminated completely.

Fruit juices

Fruit juice, for example, is not as healthy as it seems. Only if we take into consideration a smoothie or a 100% fruit extract can we consider the choice to drink a juice as a healthy hunger breaker. In fact, fruit juices often contain high amounts of sugar and can contribute to increased blood sugar levels. Many studies have linked excessive use of sweeteners, which can impair glucose and lipid metabolism, to increased inflammation and obesity. Better to eat the whole fruit, and preserve vitamins and nutrients.

Did you know that energy drinks…

Even the energy drinks, Widely spread among younger people and athletes, they are not good for health, especially for people suffering from cardiovascular problems. The caffeine content is responsible for heart problems, high blood pressure and palpitations. These drinks are not to be confused with isotonic drinks used by athletes: they do not contain caffeine, which actually causes dehydration.


Alcohol is often responsible for even serious liver diseases, such as cirrhosis and cancer. This is because alcohol is a toxin that affects every type of cell in the body. When alcohol intake is limited in time and quantity, the body is able to dispose of it. Otherwise, long-term use, and abuse in quantitative terms, can contribute to heart disease, stroke, liver disease, cancer and other chronic conditions. Consuming modest quantities of alcoholic beverages regularly also favors the onset of cognitive disorders.

When choosing between wine and spirits, the former should be preferred, as it is less harmful to the body and the liver. Generally speaking, nutrition experts recommend not exceeding two drinks a week.

Carbonated and sugary drinks

Carbonated and sugary drinks, similarly, are harmful to the body. Just think about how in American society, the massive consumption of soda drinks represents the main source of added sugars in the diet, with health consequences such as heart disease, cancer, metabolic disorders, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Even zero-sugar, and therefore dietary, carbonated drinks are actually harmful: the artificial sweeteners among the main ingredients of these drinks can cause gastrointestinal problems such as bloating, gas and diarrhea, if drunk in large quantities and daily.

Sweetened tea

Tea is known for its precious mine of flavonoids, powerful plant compounds that act as antioxidants and protect cellular function. However, these health benefits can be negated if the tea contains excess sugar which can affect metabolism and increase appetite stimulation. Do not use freeze-dried preparations for iced tea, nor those sold commercially and loaded with sugar. Rather, it is better to prepare a classic green tea without sugar, and leave fresh fruit to infuse for a few hours, such as berries, strawberries, peaches, or mint, lemon balm, but not syrups rich in sugar.

Health risks of sugary and carbonated drinks

The main negative effects of the massive consumption of carbonated and excessively sugary drinks are:

Coffee cream

Coffee, unless the quantity of cups drunk during the day is exceeded, is well tolerated. Coffee cream deserves a different discussion, rich in saturated fats (it is often prepared with the addition of cream) and added sugars. Caffeine, combined with high quantities of sugars and fats, make this preparation not particularly healthy.

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