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After eating, the body needs time to digest. It may take a few hours for food to be expelled from the gastrointestinal tract. If dinner is eaten late in the evening, too close to bedtime, it can cause poor digestion, as stomach acid can leak into the esophagus and cause heartburn. Since foods are digested while you sleep, inactivity in your body can delay digestion. This can increase gases produced during digestion and cause bloating at night or in the morning.

If you eat your biggest meal of the day in the evening hours, you risk ingesting more calories overall, which could potentially lead to weight problems and bloating. Consuming a large meal in the evening hours disrupts the natural function of the circadian rhythm and slows down the ability of our intestine to move food and waste within it. When this happens, it is quite common to feel bloated.

Remedies. Don't skip meals during the day, to avoid consuming large and very substantial portions at dinner. Having a snack in the late afternoon allows you to better control the size of your dinner portions and not arrive at the evening meal feeling excessively hungry.

To combat abdominal swelling these are the most suitable foods.

While raw vegetables can be very healthy and nutrient-dense, they take longer and are more difficult to digest than other foods. Eating raw vegetables for dinner, such as a simple salad, can cause bloating in the lower small intestine, which is usually the most painful area when there is excessive gas.

Remedies. Do not consume raw vegetables in the afternoon and evening hours or cook them, even lightly blanching them without boiling them, so that they cause less swelling at the end of the day.

Drinking lots of fluids while eating, especially if the food is particularly salty, can cause abdominal distension. The stomach can only hold so much food and liquid, and liquids can fill it quickly, which can delay digestion or simply cause a feeling of discomfort. Furthermore, if these liquids are characterized by carbonation, such as beer or soda, they exacerbate the phenomenon of air in the stomach, causing rapid abdominal swelling.

Remedies. Reduce fluids at dinner, drink enough throughout the day and avoid carbonated drinks at the end of the day.


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