Rice, chickpeas and spinach

I'm starting 2022 with rice, chickpeas and spinach. I prepared it during the holidays, between dinners with friends, and I made it again a few days ago to photograph it. A really simple recipe but with that extra twist given by the spices left to fry instead of our classic garlic and onion.

I got the idea from one of the first issues of Cookthe Corriere della Sera insert edited by Angel Frend. During the Christmas holidays, partly to clean up and partly for the pleasure of taking time for myself and for what remains one of my most enduring passions, I leafed through some of the things archived over the last few years. A pleasant entertainment, a way to feed my very hungry melancholy.

But let's get back to the recipe. Why this need of mine to publish it? The main motivation was to have convinced even an unsuspecting person like my husband to eat it and the other was to have promised a friend that I would share this quick but tasty recipe especially for her who in this period has some difficulty in nourishing herself with dishes based on rice.

Since it is not the first time that I propose unique rice-based dishes, I put the links to the previous recipes below, perhaps they can be of help to those who, like my friend, are following a diet for health reasons that revolves around to rice:

Rice soup with leeks, potatoes and carrots
Rice, chickpea and raisin salad
Warm chickpea salad with onions, raisins and pine nutsjust add the rice and you're done.

Rice, chickpeas and spinach

120 g of wholemeal rice
150 g of already boiled chickpeas
700 ml of vegetable broth
200 g of fresh spinach
3 cardamom pods
1 cinnamon stick
1 untreated lemon
Extra virgin olive oil

(Doses for 2 people) Heat some oil in a pan. Crush the cardamom pods and, together with the cinnamon, fry them in the oil for a minute. Add the rice and let everything toast for a few minutes. Pour in the boiling broth and leave to cook over low heat for about 30 minutes. Once the time has passed, add the boiled chickpeas and half the spinach, continue cooking for 10 minutes.

At this point the broth should have almost dried out, remove the cardamom and cinnamon. Add a grated nutmeg and mix. Let cool before serving.

Distribute the rice on plates, garnish with the remaining spinach, grated lemon zest and a drizzle of raw oil.


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