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Barley soup, black cabbage and Fossa cheese


I saw this barley and black cabbage soup at the deli counter where I usually get it. A tub cost an arm and a leg but it made your mouth water just looking at it. Right away all the women of the family appeared to me who declared in unison: you can't buy it, it's really too easy to do! It seemed like they all knew that lately (read as in the last 6 months) the desire to cook is scarce. But it's equally true that a soup like that is so easy to make that buying it would have been a blow to my self-esteem too. So, having recovered the cabbage leaves from the family garden, it was super quick to replicate it. To increase the flavor I added a little Fossa cheese instead of the classic sprinkling of parmesan. The creative process of a dish for me comes from the simplest thing there is: a very strong desire to taste it.

Other simple but invigorating (I've been wanting to use this word forever!) soup-themed ideas?
There is rice soup with leeks, potatoes and carrots prepared in a detox period but absolutely far from any sacrifice, it is really super good; or the classic Umbrian bread soup that is, the best way to ground dry bread. In the end, a red lentil soup which is a real bomb of flavor thanks to a mix of spices that makes it unique, to be saved also for an alternative New Year's Eve,)

Barley soup, black cabbage and Fossa cheese

8- 10 leaves of black cabbage
1 clove of garlic
Extra virgin olive oil
100 g of pearl barley
Vegetable broth
black pepper
Pit cheese

For 2 people

Wash the cabbage leaves and remove the central rib from the leaves. Cut them into pieces and brown them in a pan with oil and crushed garlic. Let it fry for a few minutes and then add 4 – 5 ladles of boiling broth and the previously washed barley. Add salt, pepper and cook (for the barley it takes about 30 minutes). Add more broth as it dries.
At the end of cooking, divide the soup between plates, add a sprinkling of black pepper and distribute plenty of Fossa cheese.

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