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Pancotto was the remedy for my grandparents' ailments and it is still the cure-all for many elderly people, a real medicine that is prepared simply by boiling a little broth and soaking it in some coarsely crumbled old bread, and if they want to exaggerate they also add a sprinkling of grated cheese.

This Umbrian bread soup is certainly more robust and “thicker” of the simple pancotto and amplifies its pleasant satisfying sensation. In the mouth it has the consistency of a soft and smooth velvet, which is interspersed with pieces of bacon and vegetables, a treat as someone wrote yesterday on Instagram where I published a preview image, mostly to document what I was about to eat me after the photo session.

This is not the first bread soup that I have left among these pages, years ago I wanted to pay homage to a sweet and strong lady who left me her favorite recipe, la stovatina. This is how she called the rich pancotto I mentioned above and spoke of it as a light dish for slightly tired stomachs. I personally prepared my own soup, inspired by a recipe from Salt and pepperto carry forward good intentions and stay away from sweets and superfluous products.
The joy of sitting at the table with this dish is guaranteed!

Umbrian bread soup

(doses for 2 people)
200 g of stale bread
2 sticks of celery
1 small onion
1 small carrot
60 g smoked bacon (cut into two slices)
100 g of tomato puree
700 ml of vegetable broth
Extra virgin olive oil
Parmigiano q.b.

Cut the bread into pieces.

Coarsely chop the vegetables and bacon, brown them with a little oil in a saucepan. Also add the bread together with the tomato puree. Cook for a few minutes and add a sprig of rosemary and the hot vegetable broth.

Leave to cook for 20 minutes over low heat, taste, add salt and cook a little longer.
Distribute the soup into bowls, complete with a drizzle of raw oil, freshly ground pepper and flaked Parmesan.


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