Purple potato gnocchi with toma fondue

Purple gnocchi have been a real nightmare for some time. A few years ago I had to photograph a plate of gnocchi of this color for a shoot (just remembering it makes me anxious!), it was impossible to find purple potatoes within twenty kilometers. I've sifted through all the greengrocers, super and hyper markets but nothing, nowhere to be found. Yet I had seen them around a few weeks earlier! At a certain point I even thought about buying some dye to free myself from that anguish.
Then my father made up his mind and he sacrificed his micro chips which, I seem to remember, he kept aside for sowing and gave me his spoil. Just a portion came out, just enough for the shot and to send the photoshoot and performance anxiety to hell 😉

These gnocchi with toma fondue they were prepared without the hassle of finding ingredients. The taste for visual contrast did the rest. I went to my local store and let them recommend one Aosta Valley toma made with raw milk from mountain cows, the owner wrote it on the lid of the tray, he knows me and knows that this information is important to me. The whole was balanced and tasty: sweet, savory and slightly spicy. If you love cheeses with strong flavors this dish is for you!

Purple potato gnocchi with fondue

For the gnocchi:
500 g of purple potatoes
150 g of 0 flour
1 small egg

For the fondue:
100 g of toma cheese from Valle D'Aosta
100 g of whole milk
1 egg yolk

Parmesan Cheese
black pepper

(For 2 people)
Cut the toma into small pieces and leave them to soak in milk overnight, covering the container with cling film and keeping it in the refrigerator.

Wash the potatoes and cook them in water in their skins, check for doneness by piercing them with a fork.
Once cooked, pass them through a potato masher directly onto the pastry board. Make a well, add the egg and flour and knead with your hands, adding a little more flour if necessary.
Make rolls with a diameter of 2 centimeters and cut the gnocchi. Place them on a tray sprinkled with flour, to prevent them from sticking, being careful not to overlap them.

Pour the toma with the milk into a saucepan and, stirring with a small whisk, melt the cheese over a low heat. Add the egg yolk and continue mixing. Continue cooking for a few minutes. Keep the fondue warm.
Boil the gnocchi in salted water for 4-5 minutes, drain them and mix them with the fondue.
Serve on plates with a sprinkling of parmesan and fresh pepper.


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