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Who knows the soup of paradise?!
This soup has many names: stracciatella in central Italy, tardura or tritura in Romagna, but in the family she has always been called “del cielo”, another name by which she is famous. The undisputed champion in preparing it was my maternal grandmother and, when on Tuesday evening I put a spoonful of it in her mouth before photographing it, I immediately thought of her.
Tradition sees it protagonist of Easter lunches, an easier to make but equally tasty version of the passatelli from Romagna. Same ingredients but different quantities. Despite its simplicity of execution it remained a luxurious, festive soup, served at weddings and baptisms but also to treat the sick, ultimately the base is an excellent meat broth. It is also mentioned with the same name in Artusi, although the method of execution is different: teaspoons of the mixture are poured into the boiling broth to form “clouds”.

To be excellent, this simple soup must have quality ingredients: a good meat broth, some mature grated cheese and fresh eggs from happy hens (where it is possible). At home the test to pass was to obtain a velvety cream that was not too “torn”. To do this there is only one trick: add a ladle of boiling broth to the mixture before throwing it into the broth, always stirring carefully. Another important thing is to use ingredients at room temperature, otherwise the thermal shock would clot the mixture.

At this point, given the season, given the need to bring comforting food to the table, I leave you my soup of paradise served in my grandmother's real dishes. A circle that closes.

Paradise soup

(for 4 people)
1 liter of meat broth
4 eggs
60 g of Parmigiano Reggiano aged 24 months
30 g of breadcrumbs
noce moscata qb

Bring the meat broth to the boil. In the meantime, vigorously beat the eggs with the grated parmesan, bread and a little nutmeg (according to your taste). When the broth is close to boiling, take a ladle of it and add it to the beaten eggs, being careful and continuing to mix.
Add the mixture to the simmering broth, being careful to mix with a whisk so as to mix the mixture well. Cook for a couple of minutes no more. Serve immediately with a little grated Parmesan and a further grating of nutmeg, if you like.

If you are looking for other soups to prepare with good meat broth and with the same ingredients I leave you the recipe Imperial soupa true Emilian delicacy and la stovatinaan invigorating dish that is very easy to prepare.


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