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Andalusian gazpacho and a date


Gazpacho has been synonymous with holidays since we were in Spain in 2012.
Inevitably I associate it with Madridat 40 degrees in Madrid.
The sun is shining, not a breath of air and a restaurant with large windows. We sit down and start breathing regularly, I immediately choose something fresh from the menu, my first gazpacho. And it was love until today when, out of necessity, I decided to prepare it at home. And the memory immediately came back: but why had I forgotten about you fresh and tasty gazpacho?!
I know the reason. Because Salmorejo stole the space in my now exhausted brain. And when I thought about cold Andalusian soups, this thicker version without cucumber (which I don't like much) took over. In reality they can very well coexist in my head and in my belly 😉

The recipe, successful on the first try (and these days it's a blessing) is Barbara – Bread & Butter taken from his book “What a soup“. And to say that just a year ago I promised myself I would reproduce it, it's quick and easy I always thought, then who knows why I forgot about it.

The decision to prepare gazpacho was made while thinking about the appointment that awaits me this weekend Al Menithe event that will take place in Rimini next Saturday and Sunday.
On Saturday afternoon I will tell a little about the behind the scenes of a photo shoot inside theMatryoshka Academy the laboratory is called “Cooked on your own – food styling pills” and in fact this workshop feels right on my skin and gazpacho will keep me company 😉

Andalusian gazpacho

600 g of tomatoes (Barbara indicates San Marzano)
100 g of cucumbers
100 g of red pepper
1/2 clove of garlic
50 g of Tropea onion
60 g of wholemeal breadcrumbs
100 ml of extra virgin olive oil (I used 60 ml)
30 g of white wine vinegar
10 basil leaves
very cold water to taste
1 teaspoon red Tabasco

Wholemeal bread croutons for serving

Make a cross incision on each tomato and immerse them in boiling water for 10-20 seconds, drain and cool them in cold water. Peel them, remove the stem and cut them into four parts, eliminating the seeds inside.
Collect all the ingredients (excluding water, salt and pepper) in the blender (or in a narrow bowl with high sides, if using an immersion blender), and gradually add water until you obtain the desired consistency (gazpacho is quite liquid ).
Finally taste, add salt and pepper and finish blending.
Place in the fridge for at least two hours (even better overnight) and after this time distribute among 4 plates.
Add a little oil and pepper to each plate, and then finish with some croutons cut into small pieces.

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