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Broad beans, peas, artichokes and asparagus. My kitchen is invaded by these vegetables and nothing makes me happier than this riot of green that mixes with white and violet.
When it's like this primavera it really has arrived never to go away, and it doesn't matter if the strawberries have betrayed us this year, the spring onions and the cut radicchio will cheer us up.
I live the garden this way, at a distance of fifteen kilometres, but the smell that invades the house while they are weeding in peaches is not a fave it's always the same as it used to be. I look at my hands while I work and look for theirs, those of my housewives who moved quickly and rhythmically in that kitchen that no longer exists but which continues to live inside me and fortunately in my dreams.
How beautiful spring is, Grandma Maria. And what a shame I was so distracted and in the clouds that I didn't comment on it with you.

This recipe was inspired by a newspaper clipping, an old issue of Grazia, with a report dedicated to asparagus. I modified it a little and here is the “spring soup“, even if there is no type of pasta inside but a fresh goat tomino to be left to dissolve in the hot soup.
Welcome spring.

Spring soup

For 2 people
160 g of shelled broad beans
100 g of peas
10 small asparagus
200 g of new potatoes
1 fresh spring onion
1 fresh goat tomino (about 80 g)
5-6 basil leaves
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

Bring 500 ml of water to the boil, add salt and add the broad beans, peas, asparagus previously removed from the white end and the potatoes washed and cut into cubes (I didn't peel them but washed them well under running water using a brush) .
Cook until the vegetables are soft then taste and season with salt, add the basil and leave to cook for a couple of minutes.
Distribute the soup into bowls and divide the tomino between the two plates. Season with a generous drizzle of oil and freshly ground black pepper to finish the dish.


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