Campofilone maccheroncini with almond pesto

Once the holidays are over and given the good weather I'm starting to think about lighter recipes in anticipation of the summer. It will be a slow approach, trying not to lose the taste of cooking. The swimsuit rehearsal awaits me ๐Ÿ˜‰

I'll start by offering myself a first course with a type of pasta from the Marche region, i Campofilone maccheroncinia small town in the Fermo area where this type of pasta is prepared which has obtained the name for a few years IGP. They have always been much appreciated in the family and every time you go down to visit relatives or take a mini holiday in those parts, the detour towards Campofilone is mandatory, you can't forget to stop by and buy some, it would be a sacrilege especially since it is dried egg pasta and therefore can be preserved for several months.

I had already prepared them with cheese, pepper and lemon but usually there are two sauces that accompany this pasta: a ragu in the style of my maternal grandmother, that is, very long, rich in tomato puree and with some pork trimmings in addition to the minced beef or a fish sauce, of those in which my mother is teacher. Among other things, sooner or later I will have to get alongside her and learn how to do it and then share it here, there are those 2-3 tricks that need to be made available, anyway mum has no secrets and she likes to share them;)

I didn't make either of the two sauces described above, I instead relied on a almond pesto and dried tomatoesborrowed from those who have told and explored the almonds thoroughly, that is, from Rossella-Vaniglia and her book which is now perpetually placed in the kitchen (with its side of stains but that's the beauty of cookbooks, right?).
The only variation is the use of dried oregano instead of fresh oregano, very few ingredients for a pesto that I left a little coarser than necessary to taste it under the teeth.

With the quantity I put in the recipe you will definitely have some pesto left over. Don't worry, it can be kept in the fridge for a couple of weeks and if you don't want to season pasta with it again you can prepare croutons for the aperitif.

Happy cooking!

Campofilone maccheroncini with almond pesto and dried tomatoes

250 g of Campofilone maccheroncini
100 g of blanched almonds
50 g of dried tomatoes in oil
dried oregano to taste
extra virgin olive oil to taste
black pepper to taste
Parmesan Cheese

(for 4 people) Prepare the pesto by draining the tomatoes and then chopping them in a food processor together with the almonds. Add the dried oregano and a few tablespoons of oil (3-4). Blend until the pesto is quite fine but not creamy.
Bring the water for the pasta to the boil, throw in the macaroni and take a ladle of cooking water to dissolve 4/5 tablespoons of pesto in the serving dish. Also add a little extra virgin olive oil if necessary.
Drain the pasta and add it to the pesto, divide the portions between plates and add a grating of pepper, a few flakes of Parmesan and serve.


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